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TIPS For Care Packages!
  • Order free boxes from USPS online. The best ones to use are The Priority Mail® APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box , they ship for $13.45 no matter the weight of contents (note has to be under 20 lbs for sending internationally). They come in packs of 10 or 25. I started with the box of ten, you can always order more if needed. (Random side note: They are also good for packing up things if you ever plan to move, I ordered some extra and I'm using them to pack up my dishware, and other kitchen utensils.)
  • To save time at the post office, fill out a customs form online too! You will need one and the post office workers will appreciate you being prepared. Custom Forms, you will need to use PS Form 2976-A, when shipping Priority Mail International APO/FPO/DPO mail in medium/ large boxes.
  • When filling out the customs form be vague when it asks for detailed description of contents. Summarize the contents such as "Snacks", "Personal Needs items", "Clothing". Do this for two reasons; one being there is not enough room to list everything. There are only 4-5 slots (depending on the form), and I know I always send way more than 4-5 items. Secondly, you do not want the package to be pilfered, A.K.A. stolen. It does happen so be aware that if you list "Amazon Kindle" on the form your box could mysteriously go missing. Also, make a rough estimate of the prices of such items. I put $10 on every snack category just to keep it basic. I'm not going to take the time and add it all up.
  • Remember, these boxes travel an awful long way and see some pretty rugged parts of the world at times. Make sure you write a list and put it right inside the box of the contents that you put in it. I know the customs form will say what is inside but a list INSIDE the box will not only let your soldier know what he is getting or what might be missing but also if the box gets smashed and the stuff has to be put back in it they will know what belongs in your box. This is of course worst case scenario but it does happen.
  • Check the list of restricted items for the country you are mailing the package to-
    Afghanistan has a restriction on the following items:
    • Obscene Items (print, cards, magazines, videos, etc)
    • Any Material Depicting Nude or Semi Nude Persons
    • Bulk Quantities of Religious Materials
    • Pork or Pork By-Products
    • Alcohol or Products to Make Alcohol
  • All there is left is to package everything up and make sure you use packing material such as newspaper or bubble wrap (avoid packing peanuts, they are a pain and messy), and shake the box to make sure everything is nice and snug. If you are sending anything that is liquid; shampoo, hand sanitizer, etc., put it in a ziplock bag, and I also suggest taping the caps so they can't turn. Things do break open so prepare the box with that in mind!
  • Last but not least, have fun with it! Decorate it, fill it with love, add pictures, colors, notes, letters, anything to make them smile! (Decorating the box is my favorite part!!).

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  1. Love these! I really enjoy adding all the special touches to a care package. Not sure who likes it more - me or my soldier :-)



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