Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yes, women can mow lawns

I have never had to mow a lawn before today.
 Sad I know, but I grew up with brothers and a dad who legitimately enjoyed doing it. I guess because it made them feel manly. Well our lawn was beginning to look like a forest, and I have no husband for two months so I had no choice. So I went and bought a gas can, filled it up, poured it into the tank then I stopped and realized I had no clue how to start the damn thing. Thank goodness my husband had his phone on him so he could help me out. So I pulled the mower to the side of the lawn where no one could see me in case there was a struggle which there was. I pushed "the button" three times, held down the handle bar, and tried pulling the string to start it. I pulled. Over and over. Nothing was happening. I contribute that to my exceptionally weak chicken arms. I pushed the button 3 times again and pulled. I must have pulled like 10 times before it FINALLY turned on. I was off. I finished I would say 3/4 of the yard before it died on me right in the middle of finishing. I tried pulling again. No luck. It wouldn't have been so bad but I just happened to be at the part of the yard right in front of the construction workers working on the new build across the street. No lie, they ALL stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I felt so stupid and embarrassed and they made me feel VERY uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they were giggling and making fun of me. They didn't speak English though so I don't know. At that point I pushed it into the backyard where they couldn't see me and took a break for a drink (90 weather in the sun with yoga pants and black shirt is not ideal mowing weather. I thought I was going to die). Then I went back out to try and figure out what was wrong. Apparently I had already run out of gas because I didn't fill it all the way so I filled it, pulled the string and it actually started on the first try! I quickly finished and I felt damn accomplished after that. 
Yes Mr Construction workers, women CAN mow lawns and not screw it up. 
So mind your own business next time!


  1. Good for you! I am terrible at starting mowers.

  2. I remember when I had to mow our lawn for the first time when Nick was deployed. I was SO not having it and ended up hiring someone to come do it for me! Lol.



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