Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ripley is 5 months old

We now have a 5 month old. I am excited for her 6 month appointment to see how much she has grown! 
Here are some things Ripley is up to.
She loves to talk. Babble, Happily scream...all the time! I love it it's adorable.
She can stay in the seated position without assistance for about 5 seconds. She will be sitting on her own in no time. 
She loves toys that make noise and crinkle. Actually, her favorite thing to play with isn't a toy at all, but a travel pack of kleenex. 
She is such a happy baby. Smiling all the time and laughing. 
Her sleep schedule is a little wonky lately. She used to sleep all night but these last couple weeks she's been waking up every few hours again. I say growth spurt. 
Daddy is gone for 2 months so she has been co sleeping with me. It's just more convenient when she is waking up so often. It's quite annoying to trudge down the hall every few hours and since we breast feed I don't even have to leave the bed at night and that is awesome. 
We have friends here in FL with a pool and one in our community. We found out that Ripley loves being in the water! So we go swimming about once a week!

See you next month! That's when she will be starting her Baby Led Weaning and I cannot wait!

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  1. She looks so happy! And good thing everyone spent money on toys, haha. Kleenex are so much more interesting.



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