Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Home

We have finally made it to our new home just outside of Tampa, Florida. The move was relatively painless and super easy. I always hear of people complaining of PCS moves. Things going missing, things breaking, people not getting things done on time. We have had no issues whatsoever. Well, I guess we did have two planter boxes go missing but that's really not a big deal. The companies we've dealt with have been super awesome and easy to work with. So far everything is intact and accounted for (with that small exception). 
We had a few set backs before the move. Hubby wasn't promoted this last fall when he should have been because a higher up neglected to submit some important paperwork. So there was a chance we weren't going to be able to PCS at all. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but we had already bought a house so it would have been a huge mess if we weren't able to move and live in it. 
Buying a house is a big deal and pretty terrifying. We bought our house without even seeing it. We did it all from the other side of the country. All we had was a floor plan and our realtor's word that it was a good buy. It was a little easier because we didn't just buy but we had our house built for us. We got to pick all the options and after being in it now for a week I can say we made a great decision and I absolutely love our house! I'll post more on it and pictures when we get it all set up. 
So far I like Florida. It's nice and warm but so muggy. I wish I could have brought the Ca weather with me. No humidity at all there. 
After we left California we took a impromptu trip back home to Minnesota to see family for two weeks. I'm so glad we took that trip. Everyone got to meet Ripley and I got some much needed family time. Plus we had babysitters so we got to go out for our two year wedding anniversary which we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. I was also glad we went home because our house wasn't done at that point and we would have been sitting in a hotel for a week or so bored and wasting money. It all worked out really well and I'm glad we are starting to settle in. 
It's a little boring around here right now. We watch a lot of movies and play videogames and that's about it. We have no tv or Internet for a month because this is a new area and there are no hook ups installed yet. I have an etsy business that requires the Internet so I can't wait for it to be back up and running! 
We have also done some exploring. We went to the beach and the Manatee viewing area which is just down the road from our house. I can't wait to go see more things!!

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