Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ripley is 3 Months Old!

Yay! Ripley is now 3 months old. Actually, that isn't really a yay. Deep inside I want to cry because she is growing up waaay too fast!!! Can't she stay young forever?
This past month she;s started cooing and making a lot more noises. We were tickling her one night and she laughed! Hasn't done it since but she did do it! She loves putting her hands in her mouth and slobbering all over them. 
She's begun to grab onto anything and everything with her hands such as, her shirt, her toys, my hands, and of course it goes right to her mouth. We lay her on her playmat and she plays with the toys. 
Grabbing her Foxy
She has also found her feet. She loves to hold onto her toes and kick things. 
Grabbing her feet
She isn't holding her head up 100% of the time yet but she's definitely getting stronger in that department.

 I caught her half roll over from her back once so she's working on that too! 
We take her on quite a few outings like shopping trips and to our weekly dog park trip and she does so well. 
At the dog park
She loves to look around and I think she gets relaxed by stroller rides! 

I can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

Here is my favorite monthly picture blooper. As you can see, she was trying to eat her tutu. =]


  1. She is so darn cute, Miranda! Why can't we keep them itty bitty forever?!

  2. Such a pretty little one!! I'm right there with you on not wanting them to grow up! My heart hurts a little every time I put together one of these monthly posts.

  3. Oh, the first laugh! I live for Baby G's laughs! Such a beautiful little girl :)

  4. OMGoodness! She is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!! :) I'm not sure why but your post aren't coming up on my feed anymore so I have a lot of catching up to do.



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