Friday, February 13, 2015

Sick Puppy

My poor puppy Penny had a little mishap with her anal glands a few nights ago. First, we noticed she was licking at her rear end a little more than usual. We looked back there and nothing was out of the ordinary so we didn't really think anything of it. The next day she was still licking so we looked and now there was a hard bump that wasn't there the night before. At first I thought it was some sort of bug bite. She spends a lot of time outside sunbathing in the backyard and we have a lot of spiders here so that crossed my mind. Throughout the course of the day the lump got bigger and it turned black so I called the vet and made an appointment for her the following day. Since she was licking at it non stop, we went to Petsmart and got her a cone (pink of course) so her licking wouldn't make it worse until she could see the vet in the morning. Late that night before bed I checked her again and now there was no bump just a hole draining fluid. That's when I knew she didn't have a bug bite but instead it was an abscessed anal gland and it had just popped. I worked at a vet clinic for 4.5 years so as soon as I saw that little hole it hit me that it was an anal gland rupture. 
We brought her to the vet early morning, it was in fact what I thought it was. The doctor sedated her, flushed out the gland, put antibiotic ointment inside, and cleaned out the other one which he told me was only a few short days away from bursting as well. $275 later my pup is home, happy, no longer licking at her bottom, and on the road to recovery. She was sent home on antibiotics and has to be rechecked next week. 
She has never had issues with her anal glands before. She is going on 5 and we've never had to have them expressed. They've always done it on their own. She also didn't show any signs that they were bothering her, no butt scooting, and no licking until they were already super full and infected. I guess we will just have to have them checked periodically from now on!
I am so glad she is ok but this isn't the best time for this to happen. First, we are moving to Florida in a week and she needs to be rechecked one more time after this coming week. So we will have to find a vet right away and get her seen when we get there. Next, we are moving so money is very tight. I had to use the emergency credit card to cover her bill because all our money is tied up in this upcoming move. Lastly, my dog's aren't allowed to get sick or hurt because it just makes me too sad. 
I wish that last part were true.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We Hit a Dog =[

If you've been reading my blog at all or follow me on Instagram you would know I have three dogs and they are my world. They are my furry children and I would seriously do ANYTHING for those adorable fur balls. You would also know that not only do I adore my dogs but I LOVE ALL DOGS. I worked at an animal shelter, I still volunteer at one every week. I became a dog trainer, and I plan on going to vet tech school in the fall. I just freaking love dogs. 
Last night while on our way to Petsmart we hit a Husky with our SUV that had got away from it's owners and was running freely about on a VERY busy road not far from our house. 
We had just taken a turn from a stop light and were going down a rather steep hill. It was dark. Very dark and the dog appeared out of no where. It was running across the road and there was NO WAY we could have stopped in time or swerved out of the way. Growing up in MN I've hit two deer at once, a pheasant, and a raccoon. I CRIED like a baby after hitting those animals. 
I vividly remember what happened last night. My husband was driving, we were talking about our upcoming move to Florida, I look in front and all of a sudden see this beautiful black and white Husky, blue eyes, and panting tongue look up at us then less than a second later bang we hit him and run him over. My husband pulled over immediately. I start balling my eyes out. We are both in shock. I ask him to go back and see it if has a collar so we can call the owners. I couldn't do it. There was no way I could go back there and touch a dog we just killed. He gets out to go look and the owners come running up. Turns out they were chasing the dog the whole time trying to catch it and they saw the whole thing! I got out of the car and looked back. My husband apologized over and over again and they assured us it wasn't our fault because he had literally just bolted into the road. Another woman pulled over and before we could offer to bring the dog to the vet, she did. The owner picked up the dog and while he was still alive, he was completely limp and not moving. Just barely breathing and blinking. They loaded him up fast and took him to the emergency vet. 
We didn't have time to get any info to see how he was or if there was nothing else we could do. 
I am completely heartbroken. We most likely killed this poor dog and I seriously think it's going to haunt me forever. I cannot imagine seeing my dog getting hit by a car like that. My heart aches for them and I hope by some miracle that he pulls through it. My husband feels so guilty and so do I. If only we left the house a few minutes before or after. So many if onlys. 
I just feel terrible. Even if there was nothing we could have done. =[

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ripley is 3 Months Old!

Yay! Ripley is now 3 months old. Actually, that isn't really a yay. Deep inside I want to cry because she is growing up waaay too fast!!! Can't she stay young forever?
This past month she;s started cooing and making a lot more noises. We were tickling her one night and she laughed! Hasn't done it since but she did do it! She loves putting her hands in her mouth and slobbering all over them. 
She's begun to grab onto anything and everything with her hands such as, her shirt, her toys, my hands, and of course it goes right to her mouth. We lay her on her playmat and she plays with the toys. 
Grabbing her Foxy
She has also found her feet. She loves to hold onto her toes and kick things. 
Grabbing her feet
She isn't holding her head up 100% of the time yet but she's definitely getting stronger in that department.

 I caught her half roll over from her back once so she's working on that too! 
We take her on quite a few outings like shopping trips and to our weekly dog park trip and she does so well. 
At the dog park
She loves to look around and I think she gets relaxed by stroller rides! 

I can't wait to see what the next month brings! 

Here is my favorite monthly picture blooper. As you can see, she was trying to eat her tutu. =]


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