Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We have a 2 Month Old!!

I can't believe my baby is already 2 months old! They grow up so fast!!
Likes: Cooing and smiling. As seen in her picture. Smiling is her favorite. =] She also loves watching the little teddy bears that are on the mobile above her swing, listening to mommy sing silly songs, and dancing with Daddy (she immediately stops crying!)
Dislikes: Vaccinations. Poor thing screamed her head off. Broke my heart but it needed to be done. She also dislikes being put down, she prefers to be held.
Sleep: She sleeps through the night! Usually from 9PM to 5 or 6AM. It's glorious.
Growth: Went from 7lbs 5oz to 9lbs 2oz at her last check up a couple weeks ago. She is also now 22 inches long. 
I seriously could not ask for a better baby. Sure she has her crabby moments but overall she is so good! Happy, healthy, adorable...what more could I ask for!? I mean just look at that hair and that face!!!!


  1. OMG!! She is precious!! She looks so big for only 2 months! And I love that she's a smiler already! Lucky that you're sleeping through the night!

  2. Look at those faces! I love it!



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