Monday, July 7, 2014

Is he home YET?

Jake is still away at school in 29 Palms. He has 23 more days there and yes I have been counting down the days. I know 3 months isn't that bad and I know someone's going to bring up "My Husband's deployed for x many months blah blah" but you know what? Any amount of time away from my Husband sucks for me. Probably because I am pregnant and hormonal. He left when I was 3 months along. I just started feeling normal again when he left, and he's been gone for the 2nd when he gets back my 3rd will be starting and I've been told that's when you start feeling like crap again. It was just all bad timing if you ask me. 
I am going bat shit crazy in this house alone. Sure I have work, internship, and volunteering but it doesn't keep me occupied enough. My doggies definitely help too but I need human contact. When Jake was deployed last year it was bad but not as bad because I had friends and family to do stuff with. Here I have NO ONE. I still don't have a single friend here. Hopefully that will change when we get to Florida. 
I've also been having days where I get VERY depressed. I go to work, come home, and sleep the whole day and night. Sometimes I even forget to eat. During my bad days I definitely take it out on Jake and unintentionally make him feel very guilty for being away at school. In reality, I am so happy he's there bettering himself and his career. I'm as proud as can be for all the hard work he's putting in. Especially after he tells me NUMEROUS people keep flunking out. They just can't hang with the best I guess! =]
I am just so ready to have him home. So I can start cooking real meals, have someone to cuddle, have a warm body in bed with me, and most importantly someone to talk to and go do things with! I've been such a hermit. I've gone to the beach once with the dogs and found out its really hard handling all 3 alone! Hopefully once he's back we can do some things actually worth blogging about. It's hard to write when you do nothing all day. 
On that note I'll end this with a picture of my dog in a Bow Tie. 
After all, Bow Ties Are Cool!
(Whovians understand)


  1. The first time Mac went TDY after his deployment was awful. It was only a month. I understand that slipping into a funk feeling when he's gone.

  2. Hang in there girl, I can't imagine what you are going through. Did writing this post help? If so- do it more often!

  3. Ugh...29palms! I feel bad for him. I hope the next 23 days fly by for you.

  4. You are totally allowed to be upset and missing him! I'm a mess and mine is only gone for three weeks right now. I hope you can make friends, because it really does help! I've made some great friends recently and it has helped us through all the schools more than I imagined. It's actually the first time I've hung out with other military spouses outside of work or blogging.

  5. I'm a wimp about 3 weeks, so complain all you want! It does suck about the pregnancy though. You're right, once the 3rd trimester hits, all you want to do is sleep and be lazy.

  6. Sending warm thoughts your way for a speedy 23 days!! Love the picture btw.



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