Sunday, June 1, 2014

Internship Day 1

Today I started my Internship at Rancho Coastal Humane Society with their dog trainer! 
I had so much fun and even after only one session I learned so much! I've always been a hands on learner and reading from the book just wasn't enough! Seeing it first hand, asking questions, and watching certain techniques in action is making everything come together! For the first 5 weeks of class I just observe and take notes. For the next 5 weeks I bring my dog and actually take the class, and for the last 5 weeks I get to assist! These sessions are all basic focus/obedience learning courses. I have also been asked to sit in on her class on Wednesday nights which is a class focused on handling very reactive dogs which I am very eager to learn about since I want to work with shelter dogs and reactivity is a common problem they have! I am just so excited about this. More excited than I have been about anything before. I'm so happy I finally found something I am good at and passionate about. 
Once class was over and went over to Petsmart and got some basic training tools so I can apply what I learn in class to my dogs at home. 
My Blue Heeler Mix Aida will be the one I mostly work with. She already knows the basics; sit, down, wait, shake, wave, and roll over. Now I'm going to teach her to focus on me, not get super excited when I grab her leash, and to successfully loose leash walk. I have so much to teach her and I know she will pick it up quickly. Not going to lie, my dog is basically a genius and sometimes too smart for her own good!


  1. SO exciting, Miranda! I'm sure it's amazing to find that one thing you're truly passionate for and run with it. I'm interested to see all the amazing things you learn!

  2. Oh blue heelers are extremely smart- I loved mine! I love her name as well!! I'm curious to see how she does with her training, I'll be looking for the update :)

  3. That is so exciting! Good luck :D



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