Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boy or Girl?

I thought it would be fun to go through some common prediction techniques to see how accurate they can be. Stole the idea from Munchkins and the Military. Hope that's ok Alex! But first let me point out from day one of finding out my gut told me GIRL. I can't explain the feeling I had or exactly why I had it but I just picture my husband being in a house of girls. It just fits him. Was I right? You have to wait until the end of the post to find out!

Onto the Myths/Prediction Techniques
Chinese Gender Predictor: This is the first one that I essentially "tried." I went to The Bump, made an account, and while browsing through everything I came across this neat predictor. It is a calender that uses your age at conception and the month of conception to determine the gender. My result: BOY.

Dad's Weight Gain: If the dad to be gains weight during your pregnancy the wives tale states you are having a girl. My husband has put on weight. We blame it on the fact that he away at school and eating chow hall food and drinking energy drinks for breakfast. However, this predicts that we are having a GIRL.

Cravings: Craving sweets is supposed to indicate that you're having a girl, while craving salty treats is indicative of a boy. I am all for the salty snacks-mostly pretzels and Dill Pickle Chips. BOY.

Headaches: Mom's who have frequent headaches are said to be carrying a boy. I have frequent headaches and migraines. Another point for BOY.

Morning Sickness: If you have no problems with morning sickness, it's said you are carrying a boy. I never had an instance of morning sickness. Prediction: BOY. 

According to these few wives tales and a few more I looked at odds were pointing at a boy. Almost across the whole board. So what am I really having? It turns out my gut feeling was correct. 
We are having a little GIRL!!
Her name will be Ripley Ann.
Brownie points if you can recognize our name inspiration. =]


Monday, June 16, 2014

Having a baby is the scariest thing I will ever do

Having a baby grow in me is the most stressful thing I think I will ever endure. There are so many what ifs and you are responsible for keeping this little thing healthy while it grows inside you. I am constantly paranoid that something is wrong. My lack of weight gain, the fact that I am not showing at all, and my less than perfect healthy diet lead to these fears. 
Last week I had my first ultrasound to determine the gender and make sure everything is looking good anatomy wise. Husband is still at school so I went alone which sucked but C'est la Vie. My ultrasound tech pointed out some of the anatomy but overall didn't say much and when I asked if things were normal she would say "you're Doctor will go over everything with you when you are done." I just nodded and went about watching the screen of my little blip-who is not such a blip anymore. We got some pretty adorable photos. 
Baby curled up in ball. You can see the head and leg and foot. 
Hand with pointer finger up.
 Before an ultrasound they have you drink 32oz of water 45min before your appointment to fill your bladder to help get a clearer image. This was so uncomfortable. That 45min on top of 15min waiting at the clinic and 45 more min while they are doing the ultrasound is horrible. After the ultrasound I had to go talk to my Doctor about the results, they told me to go to the bathroom and get a pee sample while I wait to see her. Both bathrooms were taken so they made me wait 15 more min in the waiting room until it was time for my Doctor to see me. Honestly, peeing never felt so good. 
Now onto the results. Everything was good except for one potentially major thing. They found a calcium deposit on our baby's heart. The deposit alone doesn't effect the heart but it turns out that it is a soft marker for Down Syndrome. I had to fight the tears as my doctor was explaining this to me. She explained that it can be linked but it is not a strong link. I had the triple screen test done to determine my odds of having a baby with something like Downs and my result was 1 in 7,000. When you have a baby with a deposit on the heart the risk doubles to 1 in 3500. So my Doctor reassured me that even with the doubling my odds are VERY good. Plus no one in my family and no one in Jake's family has any chromosomal issues or abnormalities. Even with this news I broke down crying the second I walked out of that office building. I couldn't even drive home for 15min because I was so scared and upset. 
I hated that I had to worry that my first baby was going to be unhealthy. I hated that I had to go through that alone and that my Husband wasn't there to hug me and reassure me that everything was going to be ok. I hated that the moment I was starting to get excited about having a baby, that I didn't want to begin with, I get news like this. 
They referred me to a specialist so I could get a Level 2 Ultrasound to check for other physical markers of Down Syndrome. I had that appointment today.
A few things came up. First, it turns out that the baby has TWO calcium deposits on the heart not just one. Which raises a slightly higher red flag. However, NO other markers were found. Baby is growing normally, all baby's body parts look 100% normal. The offered to do an amino but didn't think it was necessary so I declined. The specialist Doctor I saw said she would not be worried. The deposits are not a strong enough marker to cause concern since her anatomy is normal, my blood screening was great, and we have no family history.  So I am hoping that this baby comes out happy and healthy. That's all I want. 
The ultrasound did pick up another thing unrelated to the baby's health. Turns out I have a cyst like mass on my right ovary. Not a big cause for concern since they sometimes pop up up with all the hormonal changes and usually go away after the hormones balance out after birth. So we will keep an eye on it and see what happens. 
Well this was quite a lengthy post. I will do a gender reveal post on a later date so I will end here with a cute picture of it yawning today!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Damn these emotions!

Being pregnant has made me into a blubbering mess lately. I am not the kind of woman who cries. I am very strong emotionally and basically only cry when people die. Lately, I am crying at EVERYTHING!

I've been watching Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Netflix and every single time I see a sad animal and especially at the end of the episode where they give their animals away I break down! I grab my dogs and hold them and kiss them and tell them I would never get rid of them or do anything to hurt them. It breaks my damn heart.
When Jake went back to school yesterday after just having the weekend with him I balled my eyes out because I miss him when he is gone and I really HATE being alone. 
Sometimes I will think of the baby and get scared that I'm not ready and start crying because I'm scared and feel stupid for letting this happen to me. 
I even get frustration cries when I am at work. I have been working so much lately and it's really taking a toll on my body. My feet and back ache so bad halfway through a shift and I still have so much work to do. I get discouraged and just wish I could go home. So I get teary eyed and have to go sit somewhere and take a break. 
Then the fact that I have zero friends gets to me. My friends from back home don't speak to me anymore and I haven't met anyone here in San Diego. It gets to be incredibly lonely with no one to talk to. I always have my husband but its't not the same as a close girlfriend. 
I hate feeling sad all the time and I cannot wait for this "symptom" to go away! I know it's going to be a long time, I'm hoping I don't go crazy before then. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Internship Day 1

Today I started my Internship at Rancho Coastal Humane Society with their dog trainer! 
I had so much fun and even after only one session I learned so much! I've always been a hands on learner and reading from the book just wasn't enough! Seeing it first hand, asking questions, and watching certain techniques in action is making everything come together! For the first 5 weeks of class I just observe and take notes. For the next 5 weeks I bring my dog and actually take the class, and for the last 5 weeks I get to assist! These sessions are all basic focus/obedience learning courses. I have also been asked to sit in on her class on Wednesday nights which is a class focused on handling very reactive dogs which I am very eager to learn about since I want to work with shelter dogs and reactivity is a common problem they have! I am just so excited about this. More excited than I have been about anything before. I'm so happy I finally found something I am good at and passionate about. 
Once class was over and went over to Petsmart and got some basic training tools so I can apply what I learn in class to my dogs at home. 
My Blue Heeler Mix Aida will be the one I mostly work with. She already knows the basics; sit, down, wait, shake, wave, and roll over. Now I'm going to teach her to focus on me, not get super excited when I grab her leash, and to successfully loose leash walk. I have so much to teach her and I know she will pick it up quickly. Not going to lie, my dog is basically a genius and sometimes too smart for her own good!


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