Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Great Bernardo Fire; Animal Center Evacuation!

The lovely San Diego has a 700 acre brush fire going on right now and it is absolutely crazy! How convenient that it is occurring right behind my work where we had 400 animals that needed to be evacuated. I was not at work today but heard about this on Facebook. I called in and asked if they needed any more help but by the time I had heard about it they already had all the help they needed. 
With the gracious help of the community all the animals were evacuated safely and I was so happy and relieved to hear this! Those animals at work are honestly very important to me and I treat them like they are my own. I couldn't bare to think of anything happening to them. They were all relocated to our long time supporter; Sea World, where they are getting food, water, walks, and lots of love. Most importantly they are safe!
I don't know how long it will take for this fire to be put out or how long the animals will have to wait to go back to the center. Heck I don't even know if I am supposed to go to work tomorrow or SeaWorld or what! I'm still waiting to hear from my boss about what is going on. I just hope we will be able to get the fire under control and that no people or buildings get harmed!


  1. Oh wow that is scary! That is so good to hear that all of the animals were evacuated!

  2. Oh thank God they all got out ok. So scary! I hope it gets put out soon

  3. Oh gosh! That is really scary. I'm so glad that all the animals had a safe place to go.

  4. Oh wow I actually have a friend that is in that area and he was helping with the fire the other day and I actually got a pretty epic picture of it! I wish I was closer because I would definitely have helped out!!



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