Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Hate Clothes

When the hell did fashion take such a drastic curve in the wrong direction? 
I went to the mall yesterday in search of some summer tops because I have none! My favorite store of all time for Juniors clothes (yes I refuse to move up to womens. I will stay in Juniors as long as I possibly can) has always been Jcpenny. They always had clothes in my style for very cheap. I went there yesterday and everything was a crop top! I cannot wear a crop top. I am not a size zero so there is no way in hell I am letting my gut hang out for all to see. I ended up finding one tank I liked in the whole store, one of very few that was normal length. I haven't been clothes shopping in a couple years so I felt sooo behind in the fashion trends. I had no idea cropped tops were all  young people were wearing now a days. After being very let down by what used to be my favorite place to shop I stopped at Forever 21 which is my second favorite store. Once again everything was cropped or completely see through. I think layering is another trend I haven't caught onto yet. I left that store empty handed. 
While we were on our way out of the mall a new store caught my eye that I had never been to before called Cotton On and I found a really cute tank there and lot of other fun quirky things but I talked myself out of buying those. So after what seemed like a whole afternoon of shopping I left with two tanks. Only spent $25 which makes me happy but my wardrobe really needs some new things. I still wear things from High School. I also have stuff in my closet and drawers that I haven't worn in years that I really need to donate. For each new thing I get I have to get rid of one that I currently have.   
I guess I need to find some new stores to shop at. I'm thinking of going out and trying Target and Kohls. Where do you guys get your summer clothes?


  1. I'm glad to read this because I feel the SAME WAY. It makes me feel like an old lady, but dang it I can't wear freaken crop tops!

  2. Yeah, it might be time for you to start shopping in the misses' section. Loft and Old Navy are always good bets!

  3. It took moving into this house with zero closet space for me to give up my high school clothes and stuff that hasn't been touched in years. How about Target? I like their grown up stuff. I have to agree with you on the juniors section of jcp



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