Saturday, May 10, 2014

Anti Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Yesterday I came home from a very long day at work to a beautiful rose on my door. Attached was a sweet card from our housing office. I will admit that the rose made my day. Not because I'm a military spouse but because I had a really long stressful day at work. I honestly think this day is stupid. I should have a special day dedicated for me because I love and support my husband just like every other wife should? Why don't all wives get a special day? So we occasionally suffer through deployments where our husbands are away for long periods and sometimes in danger. I know people back home who are married to men who travel a lot for work on oil rigs or construction. They are gone for months at a time and risk their lives every day too. We are wives. Yes we are married to a military man but we are wives to these men because we love them. I don't do anything special or feel entitled because of my husband's career choice. I guess I just feel like all wives should have a special day as a whole because we are all the same in wanting what's best for our spouses. 


  1. Actually there is a wife appreciation's September 16. They pretty much have a holiday for EVERYTHING haha!

  2. I think the day is pretty stupid too.. That's nice that they gave you flowers though!

  3. Ah...I love that there's a day to celebrate the military spouse. When I was on active duty, I honestly hated the thought of a military spouse appreciation day. After getting out, and following my husband across country to an assignment where he is gone more than half the year every year has really made me realize just how emotionally draining being a military spouse is sometimes. So...I know you're anti military spouse appreciation day, but you DO deserve a day to be celebrated. This life ain't easy, honey!

  4. There are definitely other professions where spouses have to endure a lot. I think of my cousins who are cops, and how whenever SoldierMan goes to work every day I do not literally have to think that there is a reasonable possibility he'll be shot at. My dad was a white collar worker when I was growing up, but for several years we lived where we only saw him on the weekends because he had to commute across the country.

    This is kind of how I feel about the whole "it takes a special person to be married to the military." I don't think it does. All marriages have challenges, and you are either committed to your partner for better or for worse, or not.

  5. I really love that there are spouses coming out this year about how ridiculous Military Spouse Appreciation day is. I ranted a good hour about it on the phone to my grandmother (a Navy wife through three tours of Vietnam!) and just didn't have the balls to put my exact thoughts out there on the internet to be taken the wrong way. I don't think I do anything at all special- I just love my husband! The first year we were married, I'll admit I thought it was awesome, but the more comfortable you get with the lifestyle I guess the more obnoxious it becomes.

  6. Everyday is a day to celebrate for every military spouse and a day to celebrate it with others won't hurt. Every military spouse and all the spouses deserve what is best for all their efforts.

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