Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Nurse Practitioner thinks I'm Nuts

I went to the Dr. today about the problem I've been having with tingling/numbness in my body. All the Doctors were busy so they gave me an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner. She was really nice but I think she thought I was crazy. Trust me I hate going to the Doctor so I wouldn't make up symptoms like this in order to go in. She couldn't find anything wrong and just told me it's probably my body's weird way of dealing with having a parasite growing in me. Something with the hormones? So I basically just have to live with it and hope it goes away. She recommended I try a benadryl and tylenol to see if they help. Well this was my first time taking benadryl and it knocked me out! I took a very long nap when I got from after that tiny pill! Neither worked with my problem though. I have noticed that is feels better when I am up and moving around and worse when I am sitting which still makes me believe I have a pinched nerve. So I'm going to try some yoga/walking and maybe see a Chiropractor. 
While I was at the Doctor we listened to the baby's heartbeat to make sure it's not effecting it and the heartbeat was perfect. She also went through my blood work with me that I had done last time and everything was perfect and I have no sexually transmitted diseases. So comforting to know that, haha! It was also cool to finally find out my blood type which is O positive. I have always wanted to know my blood type. Don't really know why but I guess it's a useful thing to know. I still haven't gained a single pound but once again she isn't worried about that. I figure I will probably just balloon out overnight some night and wake up huge. 
Jake also left today for school and while I told myself I wouldn't cry...I did. I blame the hormones. He will be back Friday night for the weekend so I really don't have to be that upset but I just hate when he's gone. I don't do very well by myself. However, I'm glad he's off learning things! I've noticed that the day and night just drags on and on when he's not here. I feel like this day has lasted forever! 
Tonight was also heard because my puppy had another seizure. It's been a long term problem with her and the vet cannot find any reason for them. They have no pattern and they don't happen very often but I get so scared every single time. All I can do is hold her and talk to her and wait for it to pass. I wish there was more I could do. It's so hard to watch your babies go through something like that. She got through it ok and is resting now. It's easier to deal with that when the Husband is around to help and get her medication for me. 
So currently I am downloading the movie Devil's Due about an evil devil baby and I'm going to curl up with my pups and see if it's any good. 
Goodnight everyone! 


  1. Ah how scary. Sorry you have to go through that without the husband. I can't imagine. And I hate when you go to the doctor because you've been having these symptoms and then they can't find anything wrong and you feel like a goon for going in. Sucks.

  2. The numbness is so scary! I hope they figure it all out soon.



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