Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet Captain Jack Harkness

We got a new addition to the family!
I'm a part of a Southern California facebook group for Chihuahua lovers. Yeah I know I'm weird. A really nice lady posted about this little guy on there. She found him as a stray, tried to find his owners for a couple weeks but couldn't. She already had two dogs of her own and couldn't have another. Jake and I talked about it and since we were already looking around for another dog, and we wanted a male, we went to go look at him. He is a total sweetheart and he gets along so well with our other two dogs. We got him last Saturday and he's always well adjusted to the family. He doesn't bark much, he is potty trained, great in a kennel, great in the car, loves people and other dogs, sleeps on the floor in his bed all night, and he doesn't mark up the house (he isn't neutered yet). He had his first vet visit today and he is estimated to be 5 years old. He got all his vaccinations, a microchip, and we scheduled his neuter for next Tuesday. We are very happy to have this little guy and we are grateful to be able to give him a forever home and prevent him from ending up in a shelter or the streets again. 


  1. Appropriate that a Chihuahua (known to be a bit annoying) is named Jack Harkness :)

    1. So true! We also picked it cause he isn't neutered and he was a bit of a ladies man if you know what I mean.

  2. Oh he is too cute! Congratulations on the new dog :) How wonderful for you guys to take him!

  3. Love it! It is freaking awesome when an adoption works out so well!

  4. How Adorable!!! I bet he's glad to have a home with you!

  5. He's absolutely adorable! I follow so many SoCal dog FB pages it's amazing I dont have a house full of dogs haha. My husband kinda put a limit to one dog, one baby (which we'll hopefully have soon) so it looks like Gigi is gonna be an only dog-hter for a while.



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