Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is "Love" Worth It?

I have a friend who is completely blinded by love. I listen to the things she tells me about her boyfriend and their relationship and I question how the hell she can be stupid enough to put up with what she does. It makes me appreciate my marriage so much more than I already do because I have a man that would do anything for me and respects me. They started their relationship living together and his parent's trailer with them and his brother. His parents are both drug addicts, and his brother is a drug addict and alcoholic. The place was always a mess, there was never any food because they would spend all their money on drugs and there was a lot of verbal abuse.
 Eventually the parents and brother moved out to live with his grandma so my friend and her boyfriend took over the payments on the trailer and made it their own. My friend had a decent job at a group home but soon quit cause she couldn't "handle the hours." She got another job at a group home and quit again. She then went back to the previous group home and once again quit because of the hours and work.So she is not unemployed. Meanwhile her boyfriend doesn't have a job because he has an extensive criminal history. Even when he did have a job he could barely afford anything because he has three kids with other women to pay child support for. Recently he got hired for a good job but the hours were overnights so he declined the job. Like what the hell? You need to grow up and get some responsibility! Who cares if you guys don't like the hours. You need to support yourselves!
 My friend's boyfriend would buy fishing gear and cigarettes before food and he's totally mooching off my friend and taking advantage of her. A couple months ago my friend was going to go to planned parenthood to get a birth control change (thank god she's smart enough to not have kids with this guy) and she had five dollars to get gas to get there and back. Her boyfriend spent it on fishing bait instead so she couldn't go. She also called into work MULTIPLE time because she never had gas to get there! His parents have been paying their bills as well. He also has has his friends over every single day until the wee hours of the morning. 
They get NO alone time, no dates, no intimacy. What kind of relationship is that? Is it even worth it? I know for a fact I could NEVER be with a man like that. I enjoy being independent and would never rely on a man but I wouldn't 100% support one who sits around all day doing nothing, not taking jobs he should take, and spending more time with friends than me. I constantly wonder if she stays with him because she loves him or because she has no family around and no where else to go? I could never be happy in that situation and I wish I could help her! She really is a good person and she deserves so much more. I wish she could find a man that would treat her right. 
 I am so grateful for my husband! He always makes time for me, he loves going out and doing things with me, he has a steady job, he supports me no matter what whether ts be with my work or school goals. He has never been in trouble with the law either! He just wants me to be happy and that is what every woman deserves. If Jake didn't make me happy I wouldn't stay with him period. If he ever did what my friend's boyfriend does I wouldn't put up with it. I guess that's just me though! I'm glad it's not my problem and that I have the man of my dreams to come home to. =]

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