Sunday, March 30, 2014

Well that was Unexpected

Remember that post I made about a month ago about why Jake and I are waiting to have kids? Well everything about that post was 100% true.  Except birth control decided to fail on me and put me in that 2% who gets fucked over by it and hey look who's knocked up now!? 
I found out about a week after our 1 year anniversary. I remember earlier in the week telling my Husband that we probably wouldn't be able to have bedroom fun on our anniversary because my monthly visitor was due two days before and I am NEVER late. So when our anniversary came and went with still no visitor I got a little nervous. About a week and a half later I finally decided to go get a test just to prove my husband wrong since he had been teasing me all week about me being knocked up and I did not want to believe it. So I took it and immediately I had a positive result. Jake wasn't due to be home for about 3 hours and I literally just sat on the couch in a daze waiting for him to get home. 
When he did get home,  he came over to hug me, which is his nightly routine, and ironically he made a little joke about me being pregnant again. I replied with "Yeah we need to talk about that. You should sit down." So he did on the chair a few feet away and I said "No you should come sit next to me." So he moved closer and I handed him the test. His face lit up and he had the biggest smile on his face. At that moment I bursted into tears. He was so happy and I was there feeling that my life was officially over. I was TERRIFIED. 
Jake has always wanted to be a dad and after seeing him with his friend's kids I knew he would be a great one. A couple years ago he had his swimmers tested and he was told he had a really low count and the chances of him conceiving were very very low. So after that he feared that his dream of being a dad would never happen. So now he likes to go around and say that this pregnancy is a result of his "super swimmers" and that birth control didn't stand a chance against them. It's quite comical really. He even said that to my Dr. when we went in to have it confirmed and she laughed. I was on the pill and I know many think I just missed one or didn't use them correctly but I am 100% sure that is not the case. I had two alarms set on my phone 1/2 hour apart to make sure none was missed.
So I am 9 weeks along, haven't had any symptoms except being really super tired from time to time. I haven't been sick, I have no cramping, no minor spotting, no headaches, nothing. I hope it stays that way too. At our appointment last week I had a transvaginal ultrasound done to confirm how far along I was since it's hard to predict when you get pregnant on Birth Control. So as of now my due date is October 28th. Jake wants me to hold it in for a couple more days so we can have a Halloween baby. I'm guessing by that point I will just want the thing out of me. We also got to see the heartbeat and everything looked normal. We were also very relieved that there was only one since twins run in Jake's family. 
Our little Blip
So I will probably be doing certain updates on the blog about this pregnancy but I promise not to let it overtake it. I don't want to be a blogger who writes about the latest baby gadgets blah blah blah. I will write about the milestones and the truth about what it's like for me without any sugar coating it. I think women who don't have kids should be prepared. 
As of right now I am still in a bit of denial but I'm slowly becoming more excited. There is a lot of drama surrounding why I am not 100% happy for this baby but I will get to that on another day. Oh and isn't our announcement photo the cutest? We took them before our appointment when my due date was supposed to be November 6th. Turns out I was a week farther along then we thought. =]


  1. Congrats! I saw "unexpected news," and my immediate guess was prego, haha.

  2. OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm excited for you! Hopefully as you progress, you'll get more and more excited!

  4. Congratulations!! What a cute announcement photo too!


  5. First off, congratulations. Secondly, thank you so so so much for keeping it "real" with all this. Too often times people sugar coat situations like this, and you sit back and wonder what really happened. As someone actively trying to avoid pregnancy, my reaction probably would be very similar to yours! Good luck with everything going on, I look forward to hearing all about this adventure!

  6. Congratulations, girly. I know it must be a HUGE shock, but I'm sure it will turn out to be an amazing blessing, too. Keep's an exciting time! xo

  7. Congratulations on your surprising news! I had a similar reaction as you when I found out I was pregnant with my son.

  8. Congrats!!! I never wanted children. We got pregnant with our daughter after only being married a few months on freak accident. I cried and thought my life was over. My husband didn't even know what to think l, since we both didn't want kids. We now have two (and officially done), and life has worked out beautifully for us! It's gonna work out! You're gonna be awesome!

  9. Congratulations!!! Can't believe I just saw this post now. I remember you commenting on one of my post about whenever you guys would have kids and I thought you were pregnant.

  10. Congratulations!!! Can't believe I just saw this post now. I remember you commenting on one of my post about whenever you guys would have kids and I thought you were pregnant.



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