Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why I am NOT watching the Winter Olympics

Save homeless dogs from being killed in Sochi
Animal abuse is something I WILL NEVER ACCEPT OR SUPPORT. The fact that Russia allowed the murder of many stray dogs in order to "clean up the streets" for the Olympics to move in disgusts me. It is NEVER ok to ruthlessly kill a dog who is just trying to survive because people just throw them out like trash. I am glad that animal welfare workers have tried their best to find these dogs homes and that the wonderful Oleg Deripaska put his hard earned money to a good cause and built a shelter for these dogs! 
2014-1-2-6 stray dogs 4
I wish there was something I could do for these animals. If I could I would fly out to Russia and take one home but that's just not plausible for me. I am glad that the press from the Olympics brought attention to the homeless dog problem and hopefully they can get more help in the future. Ever since I started working at an animal shelter I have become such an activist for animals. I see what these dogs in shelters go through and I want to dedicate my life to helping them in any way I can. It is my passion and I wish more people cared about all the homeless animals we have in the world. I wish more people would keep their pets for life and get them fixed. I wish people treated pets like they treat their family members. To me dogs are family and my dogs will never leave my side until they are old and lived a long healthy life. 
All in all, I've never been a real big winter Olympics fan, but I absolutely refuse to watch or support it in any way because of the way these dogs were treated all for a bunch of sports. To me a creature's life is far more important than how far someone can fly off a ski jump. 


  1. I'm not watching the Olympics, because I'm not really a fan. Honestly, I can't wait until they are over. Also, killing and poisoning in efforts to "clean up the streets" are HORRENDOUS. I love animals and will always.

  2. Full disclosure: my opinion is completely bias. And I may get a little ranty- and I apologize profusely for that!! I spent the last two years studying sport business/tourism because I love events like the Olympics so much. I just wanted to offer my side as to why, as a dog lover, I will still watch these games.

    I think everyone agrees that the way Russia is handling this situation is absolutely disgusting. These Olympic games, while expensive, are also very poorly planned. I'm shocked that during the planning years they did not recognize the growing population and find proper care for these dogs. But, this is not the first Olympics that has had a horrific backdrop. 1.5 million people who were evicted from the homes in Beijing to build the stadiums... The shocking murders of Munich 1972... The Berlin games in 1936 hosted by a hostile Nazi regime. I am not blind to the terrible things that happen around the games, and it is my hope that my classmates can someday help the Olympic planners avoid these horrors.

    I unabashedly love the Olympics. I love the spirit, the patriotism, and the athletes. Unlike our pro athletes who are so often hailed in our media, these Olympic athletes often have day jobs and participate solely for the love of the sport. I think those people need to be celebrated. They've dedicated their whole lives to perfecting their craft, and I'm so excited to cheer them on. I often cry during medal ceremonies - regardless of the athlete's home country! I understand that most people do not feel that strongly about the games, and so I totally understand if you decide to not watch them also! (Again, sorry for getting so ranty!!) I hope you understand where I'm coming from :)

  3. I'm disgusted with the Olympics being in Sochi period. I'm watching them however to support our athletes. They deserve our viewership and it's not their fault the Olympics are in Sochi. They work their entire lives for this moment and it's sad that they have to live it out in Sochi.

  4. Wow, I never realized that. I don't watch the Olympics because it just doesn't interest me. But I just can't believe people would be so cruel to animals.



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