Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lost Military ID

I misplaced my Military ID last week after I went to base to bring Jake dinner since he was on Duty. A week went by and I didn't even notice it was missing until I had to bring him dinner again while he was on Duty. I was almost to the gate when I realized I didn't have it so I had to turn around and go back home. They may have let me on anyway but that wasn't something I wanted to risk. I went back home and started searching. I could not find it anywhere! A few days earlier I had changed purses and wallets and I figured it was in the one I was previously using. Nope wasn't there. I searched the entire house and both vehicles twice. I could not find the dang thing and it was driving me nuts!
 I never go to base unless Jake has Duty or to meet him for lunch every once and awhile. However, tomorrow I need to meet him on base to do our taxes so I really needed to figure out where it went or he would have to come all the way home to pick me up before our appointment.
 Today, I searched the house again, checked behind everything, in my old purse and wallet, the closet, everywhere. Then I went back out to the car and pulled up the floor mats, looked between the seats with the flashlight, and under the seats. I knew it had to be in the car since that was the last time I had it and I always put it in the cup holder after I go through the gate. I notice under the passenger seat that there is a sub woofer. I slide the seat all the way up, go to the back seat, shine my flashlight as I lift up the sub woofer and what do you know!? There's my ID! I was so happy to have finally found it. I didn't want to have to go back and get a new one. I never lose things so I didn't understand how I could have lost this ID. It was eating away at me. I was wracking my brain every day trying to figure out what I did with it. It was like this Military ID was suddenly the most important thing and I needed to find it or my life would be over. It was quite ridiculous. Needless to say the ID will always be put safely back into my wallet after I take it out to avoid this problem again. 
Have you every lost your ID; Military or Drivers? Did it freak you out?


  1. I have an abnormal concern about losing my ID. I lost my driver's license flying from my parents' house to visit Mac. I dropped it in the Pittsburgh airport and didn't notice until I got to Dallas.

  2. I'm so glad you found it. Yes, I once lost mine and freaked out too. I found it behind some papers. Thank goodness.

  3. I am soooo freakishly worried that I'll lose my ID. We live on post so whenever I leave it I'm obsessed with checking it every time I get back in the car. So glad you found yours.

  4. I had a semi-breakdown when I lost mine. We had just PCSd and my husband was wonderful to make me a relaxing hair appointment on base. I was about to leave and couldn't find my ID and that was the last straw. All the PCS stress combined with the lost ID created one of my worst meltdowns to date lol.



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