Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How do you find Motivation to Run?

Running is something I really wanted to work on this year. I want to run more, I want to run longer, and I want to run faster. Since the beginning of the year I have ran twice. I could think of a bunch of excuses one would use to not run like the weather is bad, I don't have enough time, etc. None of those apply to me. I only work 25 hours and week and I live in SoCal, I don't run because I just can't seem to find the motivation. I actually enjoy going outside and running in the fresh air. I always feel so good and refreshed and accomplished when I am done! I always feel so free and calm when I am out there doing it. I love the way it makes me feel. I've tried planning specific running days to hold myself accountable. I've tried buying fun new workout clothes that I would want to show off to all the people out there running too. I've tried downloading upbeat running music to get me going. Nothing seems to be working and I'm running out of ideas. Actually, working on this blog post right now is making me realize just how much I do need to get out there and it does make me want to go out after I'm done here. I find that I am waaay too comfortable sitting in front of the TV watching Netflix all day. I'm currently addicted to the show Niptuck which is focused on unhappy people wanting to change the way they look. That's also a reason why I want to run. I want to get healthy and fit the natural way. I think running could really help me feel good about myself. Bring back the confidence that I once had. Having my confidence back would help me make friends out here so far from home and I also believe it would make me closer to my Husband. He tries to compliment me and I just shut him down and tell him to stop because I just don't agree. 
Maybe I need to be chased by some zombies or a rabid dog to finally get me to move! Or maybe I should just stick to the good old fashioned Horizontal Running.
The Husband and I are doing 2 5k runs in March and because those are fun and I had to spend money on them I know I will go and run my heart out. I love running themed 5ks like The Color Run we ran this past fall. I just need work on getting out for the day to day running. Usually, I am the type of person who needs to work out with someone else. I love having a workout buddy and my Husband is usually that person. However, lately he's been coming home from work really late and he doesn't want to workout. Not to mention he works out every day on his lunch break with the guys he works with. I need to do this by myself! I know that I can do this! Well, not completely by myself because I know I can always take my dog with me cause she loves running and I know I will always have my husband's support.
 If you run or exercise frequently how do you motivate yourself to go out and do it?


  1. I would not be happy with running. It's just not for me. However, I will fast-walk while listening to music. I just tell myself that I don't want to scare people in my swimsuit over the summer. That helps motivate me.

  2. I totally lack motivation to run, and I'm training for a half-marathon. Today is a good example. It's snowing for the 10,000th time this winter, and I just don't feel like going outside. But what helps me get out the door is having a place to run and knowing that I won't regret it.

  3. I just genuinely enjoy running. It's my stress relief, my high, my outlet....my everything. I think some people just love it or hate it. I have heard from non runners that signing up for a race motivated them to get out and run. If you really can't get motivated, don't feel bad!!!! Find something that motivates you and makes you excited. I literally count down the hours of my day till my run. Find something that you literally stare at the clock until it's time to do it!!! Zumba, spin, p90x, insanity, crossfit....there's so many other fun things out there!

  4. I have lost my motivation and cant seem to get consistent anymore. I dont know. I used to be so good about running daily and I MISSED it when I didnt but now, not so much.

  5. Running for me is something that relieves stress, so even on days when it doesn't sound fun, it always does a world of good! That "runner's high" keeps me coming back for more! That said, there are days I lack motivation as well... and looking through random fitness / running related Pinterest boards ALWAYS does the trick! :)

  6. I'm not motivated to run although I wish I was. When I HAVE tried running, what gets me going are different apps. Like, "Zombies, Run!" It's fun to have something in your ear, motivating you to run.

  7. Much respect for anyone that can self motivate! I cannot run. I tried it and I hate it. : P I really haven't done much excercise at all since I quit roller derby last summer. Roller derby was super easy to stay motivated at!!

    I need to find something new...



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