Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Nail Polish Storage Shelves

Do you have a growing nail polish collection like I do? Has it become a bit of an obsession like it has for me? If you answered yes to either or both questions then this is the DIY project for you. I had been searching Pinterest and online stores for a decent and affordable nail polish/tools storage option and I wasn't having any luck until I stumbled upon this idea. I knew I had to do it. With this nail polish shelf idea you could easily fit 60 or more polishes depending on the size of the bottles. This is a quick, cheap, and easy DIY project for any nail polish lover. 
$4 each x3=$12
I chose to use our Wedding colors in the brand Apple Barrel which can be found at Walmart for $1.20 a bottle x2=$2.40
1", 2", and 3" Foam Brushes
I had these in my craft box. You can buy these at craft stores for $.50
Total cost: $14.90

First, paint your shelves. Have your dog help. ^^
Next, assemble the shelves like so!

Thirdly, have husband, friend, or yourself hang them on wall!
Lastly, fill them with your goods and admire your hard work.

1 comment:

  1. Super cute! They are finally putting in an Ikea here.... I can't wait!



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