Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cara Box Exchange

Last month I signed up for my first Cara Box exchange  over at Wifessionals and I got it in the mail a few days ago! I was so excited about what I got and the note that came with it was so heartwarming. The theme was including things that make your match "shine." We had to connect with our matches on Instagram, learn about their life via their pictures, and send things that can help them, inspire them, or make them smile. Without further ado, this is what I got!

Goodies for a spa night at home: face masks, Essie nail polish, toe spacers, nail files, and a candle. What is more relaxing then using all those products at once? 
An awesome mason jar cup: which was MADE by my match. I love Chevron, I love cups, I love drinking iced tea, I love mason jars cause they remind me of being a Hick back in MN, and now I can do the "Sippy Sippy" action all the time!
Coupon Organizer: I have started couponing and this organizer will definitely come in handy. =]
Sparkly Head Band: I love to run outside, take the dogs for a walk, hike, and do other outdoorsy things with the Husband so this will be great to keep my nasty sweaty hair out of my face! Yayus!
Note Cards: To keep in touch with my family back home and send them little messages! Such a great idea since I love writing notes (ask my husband, I leave small ones in his lunch box when I make it). 
I love all my gifts and each and every one of them will get a lot of use! This box couldn't sum me up in a better way. This box is so ME!


  1. Such awesome goodies, and opportunity!


  2. Wait I'm OBSESSED with that cup. How cute!!!!!!

  3. Cara boxes seem like so much fun! Who doesn't love receiving a package in the mail? And those spa goodies! What a fantastic gift! :)

  4. Ah! I'm a sucker for handmade gifts and handwritten notes. Your partner did a GREAT job!




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