Monday, January 27, 2014


I've recently began watching the whole Sex and the City series from start to finish because I was such a big fan of the movies and the occasional episode I saw on TV. I have to say that I am in love with the show and I think it touches on so many important issues and topics related to women. It touches on the good, bad, and ugly of relationships and dating. Watching these women date man after man makes me think of my own dating past. I've never had to "date" anyone before and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. 
I've been in two serious relationships in my life. My first started my Senior year of High School and lasted for three years well into my college years. My second started a couple months after that break up and is my now Husband. I have never had to go out and actively seek a date before. Both guys I've been with were sort of handed to me...or just happened? 
My first was the best friend of my friend's boyfriend so they introduced us and we met for the first time at my school's homecoming game. We double dated with our friends all the time and stayed together for 3 years which is pretty good for only being 17 when you meet. My now Husband was a friend from my freshman year of High School. We lost touch for 6 years after he joined the Military and our relationship started over one small Facebook message. 
Never have I gone out to a bar or museum looking for a man to keep me company. Never have I joined a dating site or placed a personal ad somewhere. The longest I have been single in the last 5 years was for 2 months and during that time I wasn't even thinking about having a boyfriend. I was just focusing on me. Before I was 17, with my first real boyfriend, I never cared about having one because I was having a blast being a kid and hanging with my girlfriends. It's just weird to think of myself in the dating world. I seriously think I would still be single because I'm so shy and it's hard for me to warm up to people and be myself. 
In a way I am glad I never had to date because there are a lot of shallow asshole men in the world and I would have to deal with that and the feeling of being rejected and lonely. I would get discouraged when things didn't work out and I don't like feeling that way. On the other hand, it would have been fun to meet new people, learn about them, and have more experience. 
What does everyone else think about dating? Sick of it, scared of it, glad you never had to worry about it? 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Years Goal: Getting Healthy

My Husband and I share the mutual goal of wanting to be healthier this year. To achieve this we wish to limit and eventually cut out the consumption of pop/soda/whatever you call it where you are from, run, eat fresh home cooked meals more and less fast food, and try out some yoga.  I know this is a goal a lot of people make and usually don't ever stick to. However, I am hoping that working on this goal together will be more beneficial because we can hold one another accountable. 
In honor of this goal and the fact that the MCX on base was having a great sale on workout gear we took a trip there and got some clothing. My Husband's philosophy is if we get some neat workout gear it will also encourage us to wear it and use it more. So I got my first pair of workout capris. Let me tell you I am in LOVE with these. They are the most comfortable things I have ever worn. Not to mention I think I look real good in them which raises my self esteem which is a win win for everyone. I can't wait to go running in them tonight when Jake gets home. Jake also got a new workout shirt, one that's breathable and of good quality. Then we each got Under Armour sweatshirts. I have always wanted one but could not justify spending  $50-$60 on one. So I found an AWESOME one on clearance for a mere $32. I could not pass that up. I have always loved reading up on Kym's Blog: Red, White, & Marine Wife because she always has good running tips, stories, and shows off her awesome workout clothing and gadgets. I have always been a little jealous of her clothing collection because they are always so fun and bright which fits my style perfectly. I hope to have mine grow like hers! 
Today a friend of mine recommended a DVD to help me with getting into yoga. It is Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels. I have done many Jillian DVDs and I have always loved them so of course this was enough to convince me to buy download (shh) the Yoga Meltdown DVD and give it a try. I just got done doing it a few minutes ago and I feel FANTASTIC! I've done a little bit of yoga before at the gym but I had forgotten how amazing I feel afterward. I'm hoping to alternate this DVD with my Pilates one and work my way up to more advanced levels and moves. I am so ready and motivated to make a positive change in my life! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our 14 Goals for 2014

I've never been one to set goals or resolutions at the start of the year because honestly I doubt that I would ever stick to them. This year I decided to try and achieve a set of goals that hopefully result in a positive change in my life. The hubster joined in and made some of his own too! Hopefully we will be able to hold each other accountable and meet these goals! FYI this was a lot harder than I thought it would be so we are missing some goals but are working on finishing our lists!
My 14 Goals
  1. Read one book a month. I have really fallen off the bandwagon of reading which makes me sad since it is something I absolutely love doing! So I made a list of twelve books I hope to read this year. I am currently reading Dean Koontz' new novel Innocence and I'm loving it. 
  2. Date Night once a month. With me working every weekend Jake and I rarely ever get a day or night to go on a date. I wish we got to spend more time together. So this year I would like to go on a date at least once a month. To help us out I wrote date ideas on Popsicle sticks and we will randomly draw one and make that our monthly date!
  3. Lose 15lbs (or more). I am for the most part content with the weight I am at now. Since moving out to CA I have lost 15lbs but I would like to lose a bit more just to feel better about myself and gain some confidence . 
  4. Be able to run 5 miles without stopping or dying. I am not a runner. I will never claim to be a runner. I would however like to improve how long I can run and in the process work on my weight loss goal. 
  5. Graduate my pet training schooling (on time and with honors). This one should be a piece of cake. I've always been great at school but I know life can throw you curve balls and I could easily get behind in my curriculum. I hope to keep up with all my school work, not procrastinate, and go above and beyond to graduate with honors. 
  6. Teach Aida and Penny a new trick. I would love to teach my dogs each a new trick...or two or three. Both my dogs are really smart so I believe this will be easy and fun to do!
  7. Pay off my Credit Card by June. To achieve this I will basically have to cut out all "fun money" for the next six months. I think it will be worth it in the long run to have one less debt on my record. My student loans are enough for the time being. 
  8. Own a motorcycle. This has been my long time dream every since I was a little girl. Hopefully this will be the year it comes true!
  9. Get boudoir pictures done. If my weight loss goal is reached I would love to take some sexy yet classy photos for the Hubster. 
  10. Volunteer with Jake. I've always loved volunteering and giving back to the community. This time I hope to do it with Jake! It's more fun when you do it with someone you adore. 
  11. Get into Couponing. I have been doing MEGA research on couponing this past week and plan on making my first trip tomorrow to see how I do. I'm going to start small and hopefully work my way up to having a stockpile of basic necessities in the house. 
  12. Blog 3 times a week. I really want to keep up with the blog. I have been slacking lately but I hope to change that. 
  13. Make a new friend. I have been here 7 months and I have no friends. I really need a friend!
  14. Think Positive. I'm a pessimist about everything. I would love to try and think about the good and not all the bad.
Jake's 14 Goals
  1. Lose 20lbs (or more). Jake also wishes to tone up and be a healthier version of himself (Even though I already love him the way he looks).
  2. Pay off debts. His motorcycle loan and credit card being the major ones. 
  3. Start College. Knowledge is power! 
  4. Run 3 miles under 20 min. We will be working on our running goals together. =]
  5. Eat Healthier. More fruits, veggies, less junk food. 
  6. No more Coke! Coke as in pop...or soda. He drinks this stuff like it's water. 
  7. Make something. Build it, craft it, assemble it...whatever it may be!
  8. Take a cooking class with the wife. Sounds like fun right?
  9. Communicate more with wife. I like this one. 
  10. Coming soon
  11. Coming soon
  12. Coming soon
  13. Coming soon
  14. Coming soon

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Found My Passion

Some of you may already know that I graduated earlier this year with a Bachelor's in Psychology. My ultimate dream was to get my Masters in Criminology and work with murders in prison. While I still wish I could do that for I know it would be the most interesting job in the world, it's not what my future has in store for me anymore. In the beginning I loved everything to do with Psychology. It interested me, it has the potential for a great salary, I was good at it...but over the years I lost the passion. My whole life my passion has always been with animals. I worked in a vet clinic in high school and part of college and I loved every second of it. I love helping people and animals. My dogs are my world and my best friends and I can't picture living life without a pet. I don't even like people. People take advantage of you, stab you in the back, lie to you, and break your trust. Animals love you unconditionally and are loyal no matter what. I started working at an animal shelter four months ago while reignited my passion to help animals of all kinds, but mostly dogs. I have the opportunity to work with successful dog trainers at my work and that sparked me to look into dog training. 
I don't know why I didn't think of this before. It combines my love for psychology and my love for animals all in one! So a few weeks ago I officially enrolled in the Animal Behavior College. Military Spouses get free tuition so it was a perfect match. It's also great because the first half of the program is all online and the second part is an internship with a successful trainer in your area. They have trainers in every state which makes it great if we have to move within the next year. It won't effect my program at all. I am about a week into the curriculum and I have already learned so much. I could read my textbook for hours because it is so interesting to me. I feel like I have finally found my calling. I believe this is a career I will really love. My husband has been so supportive with everything and he is proud of me which makes me feel even better about my decision. I am so excited to complete this program and enter the world of dog training. My ultimate goal would be to own my own business one day. Once the hubs retires and we can settle down somewhere for good and start a stable life. Having Jake in the military would make owning a training business hard but in the meantime I can work for training companies and learn as much as I can! I am so excited to see where this career choice takes me! 


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