Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We have a 2 Month Old!!

I can't believe my baby is already 2 months old! They grow up so fast!!
Likes: Cooing and smiling. As seen in her picture. Smiling is her favorite. =] She also loves watching the little teddy bears that are on the mobile above her swing, listening to mommy sing silly songs, and dancing with Daddy (she immediately stops crying!)
Dislikes: Vaccinations. Poor thing screamed her head off. Broke my heart but it needed to be done. She also dislikes being put down, she prefers to be held.
Sleep: She sleeps through the night! Usually from 9PM to 5 or 6AM. It's glorious.
Growth: Went from 7lbs 5oz to 9lbs 2oz at her last check up a couple weeks ago. She is also now 22 inches long. 
I seriously could not ask for a better baby. Sure she has her crabby moments but overall she is so good! Happy, healthy, adorable...what more could I ask for!? I mean just look at that hair and that face!!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Meet Ripley! (Birth Story)

Ripley Ann
October 30th, 2014
7.5 lbs
20 inches
**Warning. I will be writing about her birth story. Giving birth has some gross TMI moments. I'm not here to sugar coat things so read at your own risk! 

My official due date was October 28th. I had a Dr appointment that day and when I was checked my cervix was soft and I was 2.5cm dilated. My OB didn't think she would be coming that day and I was feeling fine so I didn't think she would be either. The next day I was antsy so I baked two loaves of Pumpkin Spice bread, cleaned up the house, and overall tried my best to stay busy. I was so anxious to get my baby out but also SO nervous because I have never had a baby before, I didn't know what to expect and I hated not knowing when she would come. Labor could happen at any second! 
The night of the 29th I wanted to work on speeding things up so aside from walking around a lot, I bounced on my exercise ball. It was also suggested that sex may be linked to bringing on labor so we tried that. About an hour or so later I started feeling a bit of cramping but I shrugged it off thinking I was probably just having Braxton Hicks again which were common for me late at night. 
I hadn't been sleeping well at all for the previous couple weeks so Husband went to bed without me and I relaxed on the couch to watch some tv. At about 11:00PM I feel a gush between my legs and slowly sat up. I was glad I put on some thick pajama pants that night for it soaked up most of the liquid while I wobbled to the kitchen to avoid ruining the carpet. It was also convenient that we had just been gifted a new couch that day, luckily it's leather so it was safe. While in the kitchen I felt another warm gush and yellow liquid dripped on the floor. I knew this wasn't a good sign for it should have been a clear liquid. I feared she had meconium in her amniotic fluid (aka she pooped in the womb) and I knew that could cause potential problems if she aspirated it. So I yelled for my husband to grab me a towel, he didn't hear, but I luckily found one not far from the kitchen. I then made my way to the bathroom. I sat down to pee and more of the cloudy yellow tinged liquid came out. I called for the Husband again. He didn't hear me. So I wrapped a towel around my crotch and marched to the bedroom, flipped on the lights, and finally he woke up. I announced that my water broke and he mumbled something in his groggy state and slowly woke up. He didn't think we would be in any rush considering we were told not to go in until contractions were 3 minutes apart, but the fact that my water wasn't clear had me worried so he called the hospital and they told us to head in. 
Once there, I got hooked up to the monitors. Baby was stable and sounded great, I was still 2.5cm dilated, and my water did in fact break. My pain at this point was about a 1/10. I still just felt the occasional "period cramp." I sat in triage for about 30min while I waited for a delivery room upstairs to be ready for me. 
Once in the delivery room I was about a 2/10 on the pain scale because  was not starting to feel it in my back. I got hooked up to an IV and was started on a low dose of pitocin to get things moving (once the water breaks they like for you to deliver within 24 hours to avoid infection). They also started me on IV antibiotics because I was GBS positive. I was a total wuss while they hooked up my IV. I freaking hate being poked with needles and my IV was given on the top side of my forearm. It hurt like a bitch but I would soon find out that was nothing compared to what was coming. 
With each hour my contractions got worse and worse. They were almost completely in my lower back and toward the end moved to my front lower abdomen. The pain I felt is honestly indescribable and now four days later it's a bit hard to remember what it felt like. I breathed slow and deep through each one, squeezed my Husband's hand, and I'll admit I moaned and groaned through them too. May have dropped a few cuss words as well but it hurt damn it! I was so grateful to have Jake there with me. He was such a great coach. He told me I was doing good, said he was proud of me, reassured me that I could do it. It helped a lot to get a bit of a pep talk! Around 6:30AM I was finally checked again by a Doctor and I was 5cm. I originally didn't want to have any drugs but I decided to get a few injections of a pain killer which was supposed to take the edge off but really didn't do much but make me a little loopy. Once I found out I was 5cm I got weak and asked for an epidural. It took the anesthesiologist about 20min to get there, he hooked me up and immediately after laying back down I had another contraction and my body started pushing uncontrollably. I alerted the nurse that I had to push. She checked me and in a matter of 30min I was already 10cm dilated and ready to get this baby out.  
The feeling I had was like I was pushing out a poop. I didn't have any control of it either, my body just decided to push on it's own and it was a very strange feeling. I still wasn't feeling the epidural kick in. My nurse quickly got the team together, called in the Doctor, propped up my legs, checked me and she could already feel her head in the canal. I could feel every contraction, I could still feel and move my legs, and I could feel her dropping down inside me. I should not have felt any of that with the epidural. I was only supposed to feel some "pressure." I pushed for 30min and my daughter came out and was placed on my chest at 7:39AM. She was perfect in every way possible and I immediately started crying (damn hormones). I forgot about everything for about 2 seconds until my Doctor started pulling out the placenta. That was a WEIRD feeling. I had a tiny second degree tear that she closed up with one stitch but I can assure you that that one stitch hurt like hell when you can still feel everything down there. Then they go through the uncomfortable task of pushing on your belly to expel some blood and other liquids and check for abnormal bleeding. Turns out I was fine and everyone cleared out pretty quickly after that. The pain stopped right away. There were no more contractions and I was once again distracted from everything else by my adorable naked baby resting on me. We were surprised to see she had so much hair already! I cried a lot as I held her. I cried when Jake was holding her. I felt like I would never be able to stop crying. It was quite ridiculous. 
In total I was in labor for about 8 hours and only pushed for 30min. I was told by everyone that labor usually lasts A LOT longer for first time moms! I got blessed with a perfect pregnancy and I was blessed again with a smooth, quick labor. Now that I know what to expect I know I can handle it again, just not anytime soon!!! 
Now, time for some adorable pictures. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We have a NURSERY!

This week we finally got Ripley's nursery completed and set up. Our spare bedroom that we converted is exteremely small so it was hard to get good pictures. I did what I could. Since we are in base housing we can't paint or anything so the Husband and I custom made all the artwork on her walls. We like to get crafty and be creative. After we move to Florida in January and become home OWNERS we can focus on painting and making her room super cute! Good thing babies don't care what their rooms look like. Right now the closet looks kind of empty but that's because we have 3 boxes of clothes and other baby necessities in the mail heading to us right now from the two showers we had during our visit home to MN a couple weeks ago. We got so much stuff for her and we couldn't fit it all in our luggage to bring home! I can't wait for it to come in so I can finish organizing everything. We got super lucky with generous friends and family. Her crib and dresser were both gifted to us from Jake's friends. We got 99% of her clothes as gifts, tons of diapers, blankets, sheets, Boppy, and bathtime/hygiene products as gifts as well. We were also able to buy all the organization things, her stroller, baby monitor, baby carrier, bumbo, and play mat with giftcards and cash gifts as well. So far we've only spent $100 of our own money on our little girl which included her glider, bassinet, and blooming bath. 
We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us out! We couldn't have been able to get such nice things without their help.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Baby Update

I figured since I haven't blogged in awhile I would do a little update on the baby and how things are going.
I have had no issues with this pregnancy. My symptoms include minor headaches in the beginning, recent mild acid reflux, and some minor back pain. I consider myself VERY lucky that I haven't been miserable! I still work as much as I did outside in the 90 degree heat, I exercise (not as much as a should) and I sleep well too. Most days I feel great. My belly has recently blown up (seems like it happened overnight), and I am just now being asked by everyone when I'm due. I'd say that's not bad for being 31 weeks tomorrow. I'm not huge but I'm still very self conscious about it. I know pregnancy is a beautiful thing and when I see other pregnant women I always think "Oh her belly is so cute!" but I feel like mine isn't. I just feel like a whale. So far I've only gained 15 pounds which I'm told is in the normal range. I just wish I had that glow and that confidence in showing off that I have a human growing inside me. I'm still wanting to hide it and avoid talking about it and I wish I knew why. This pregnancy wasn't planned and I still feel a bit bummed I guess? Of course I love my daughter but I just don't feel ready and I'm so freaked out. Is this normal for first time mothers? I'm afraid to give birth. I'm afraid to have another life in my hands. I'm afraid of screwing her up and doing a bad job raising her. I'm afraid my relationship with my Husband is going to go down the shitter. I'm afraid having her will cause me to give up all my dreams and goals. I wish we would have waited but we can't go back now so I'm going to try and find the strength to get through this and see the positive. 
A week or so ago we did a hospital tour and I am very happy about where we chose to have her! It's a beautiful place but what I love most is their openness to any birth plan. I am going to try and have her as naturally as possible. They supply exercise balls, bars, allow you to walk around, shower, etc during labor so you can have your baby how you want to. They also respect mothers who decline pain medication, pitocin, and other evasive procedures. I also wanted the Dr to wait to clip the cord until it stopped pulsating and they will let me do that no problem too! I also love that immediately after you give birth the baby goes right to your chest for ONE WHOLE HOUR. They DO NOT take her immediately, bundle her up, poke her, prode her, or anything until that hour is over. They want that magical bonding moment to happen right away and I LOVE THAT! After the hour is up they do any of the minor medical things they need to do then everyone leaves and the baby stays with my husband and I for more bonding. Knowing all this makes me feel a little better about the whole labor and delivery process. 
Also, yesterday we went and had a 4D ultrasound done. She of course was being VERY difficult and it took about 20min to even get a glimpse of her face. She was literally burying her head into the wall of my uterus facing my back. She had a comfy pillow and she wasn't about to move! After drinking cold water and walking around she finally moved enough for us to see her. She has Jake's nose and lips! She looks just like him it's crazy! Seeing her in 4D made everything so much more real. I'm having a baby in 2 months!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Los Angeles Trip (Meet and Greet)

Yesterday Husband and I took a drive up to Los Angeles so I could meet my favorite Youtuber of all time Grav3yardgirl. If you have time and want to be entertained go check out her videos. You won't be disappointed. So we lined up in Downtown LA four hours before she was due to be there and we got a fabulous spot in line. Jake read his Kindle while I did some cross stitching to help pass the time. It went pretty quick and it really was amazing to meet her! She is the kindest person you will ever meet and she always encourages people to be themselves! She stands for the same things I do and she really is an inspiration to so many people.  I am pretty sure Jake and I were the oldest people there though besides the parents bringing their preteens. It made me feel really old but I don't care. Old people like me can like YouTube people too!
Waiting in line!
Swamp Family Gator
We were one of the 1st 100 in line so we got a goodie bag
The Swamp Queen, beautiful inside and out.
After we met Bunny, we went to an awesome store called Whimsic Alley. It's a store for nerds mainly focusing on Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. It was awesome and we ended up buying some cool stuff.
Don't Blink
Coin purse for my mom the owl junkie

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hubby Graduated! (Life Update)

Jake finally graduated his 89 schooling on Wednesday! I drove up Tuesday, we spent the night in a hotel, went to his little ceremony on Wednesday, then we went home! TOGETHER!! Three months with him gone sucked. Even if he did come home a few weekends. I was basically a lazy waste of life when he was gone. Besides working, interning, and volunteering I would sit and watch A LOT of TV and play A LOT of videogames. As a graduation gift I surprised him with an Xbox ONE which he's been wanting for a long time. He was very excited. 

I love having him home. However, the day he came home he shared some not so good news. He was volunteered by his "boss" to go for more training in Yuma for 3 more months. Which means no trip back to MN in September to have our baby showers with family, he'll miss being best man in his beat friends's wedding, and he would miss the birth of his first child. I of course was bummed and began planning a way for me to move back home for a few months. There is no way I would stay here in CA alone and have this baby. Yesterday when he went back to work they told him they would put him on stand by for it since they already have two other marines going. He was volunteered for it simply because it would be great experience for him since he is fresh out of school. Luckily, they told him he wouldn't he gone in October because of the baby and he has to get stuff ready for us to PCS and we have to fine a house, etc. I was RELIEVED about that but I still really really want to go back home. I'm debating driving back myself. I would fly but we have 3 dogs and I can't leave them in a kennel (separation anxiety, and seizures) and it's going to take a lot for me to trust a "pet sitter." I am hoping that Jake being on "stand by" will end up in him just not going. I hate waiting for them to decide what they are doing. I am a planner and I hate that right now I have no plan. Hopefully everything works out. I know it's the military and crap like this happens all the time but I still don't like it. It's just bad timing is all. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Is he home YET?

Jake is still away at school in 29 Palms. He has 23 more days there and yes I have been counting down the days. I know 3 months isn't that bad and I know someone's going to bring up "My Husband's deployed for x many months blah blah" but you know what? Any amount of time away from my Husband sucks for me. Probably because I am pregnant and hormonal. He left when I was 3 months along. I just started feeling normal again when he left, and he's been gone for the 2nd when he gets back my 3rd will be starting and I've been told that's when you start feeling like crap again. It was just all bad timing if you ask me. 
I am going bat shit crazy in this house alone. Sure I have work, internship, and volunteering but it doesn't keep me occupied enough. My doggies definitely help too but I need human contact. When Jake was deployed last year it was bad but not as bad because I had friends and family to do stuff with. Here I have NO ONE. I still don't have a single friend here. Hopefully that will change when we get to Florida. 
I've also been having days where I get VERY depressed. I go to work, come home, and sleep the whole day and night. Sometimes I even forget to eat. During my bad days I definitely take it out on Jake and unintentionally make him feel very guilty for being away at school. In reality, I am so happy he's there bettering himself and his career. I'm as proud as can be for all the hard work he's putting in. Especially after he tells me NUMEROUS people keep flunking out. They just can't hang with the best I guess! =]
I am just so ready to have him home. So I can start cooking real meals, have someone to cuddle, have a warm body in bed with me, and most importantly someone to talk to and go do things with! I've been such a hermit. I've gone to the beach once with the dogs and found out its really hard handling all 3 alone! Hopefully once he's back we can do some things actually worth blogging about. It's hard to write when you do nothing all day. 
On that note I'll end this with a picture of my dog in a Bow Tie. 
After all, Bow Ties Are Cool!
(Whovians understand)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What do I want to do with my life?

I've been thinking a lot about what the future holds for me. With a baby on the way, I'm terrified I won't be able to do the things I want to do in my life. I don't want a baby to be the reason I give up on my dreams because I know a lot of people haven't let children ruin their plans. I hope I will have the drive to continue working with my passion for animals. 
Since I started working at an animal shelter my passion to help animals and save lives is higher than ever. I've been thinking about looking into Vet Tech school programs after we move to Tampa this winter. I know I will have a lot on my plate with setting up a new home, having a newborn, and taking care of 3 dogs but it's something I really want to do. 
I recently had an interview at the San Diego Humane Society in hopes of being accepted into their Dog Behavior Center volunteer program. I finally heard back yesterday that I was accepted! I was so excited and I get to start in two weeks! I know that this will be a great experience for me, learning even more about dog behavior and training. I wish to work with shelter dogs in the future rehabilitating them. I also want to work as a vet tech to help shelter dogs as well. 
I was doing some research online about some study abroad programs in animal welfare. It would be my DREAM to volunteer abroad with my vet tech skills and volunteer my help to veterinarians to spay and neuter stray dogs in 3rd world countries. I am such an activist for spaying and neutering your pets and I want to make a difference to these dogs who no one else cares about. 
I know my husband will always support me no matter what I decide to do. I really regret not starting my animal career earlier in life. I got my Bachelor's in Psychology because I was good at it and I thought I would make a lot of money. I did it for the wrong reasons. I quickly learned that I wasn't passionate about it. Jake makes enough to support both of us so I no longer need to force myself to do something I don't enjoy. I want to be a Vet Tech. No, I will never make 6 figures but I will make enough to add to the finances and most importantly make a difference. Who knows, if I like it a lot and I'm good at it maybe I'll be a Veterinarian someday. =]
All I know is that I do not want to waste away at home being a stay at home mom. That's just not realistic to me. I've been working since I was 14 years old and I plan to get back to work after I figure out what to do about school. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boy or Girl?

I thought it would be fun to go through some common prediction techniques to see how accurate they can be. Stole the idea from Munchkins and the Military. Hope that's ok Alex! But first let me point out from day one of finding out my gut told me GIRL. I can't explain the feeling I had or exactly why I had it but I just picture my husband being in a house of girls. It just fits him. Was I right? You have to wait until the end of the post to find out!

Onto the Myths/Prediction Techniques
Chinese Gender Predictor: This is the first one that I essentially "tried." I went to The Bump, made an account, and while browsing through everything I came across this neat predictor. It is a calender that uses your age at conception and the month of conception to determine the gender. My result: BOY.

Dad's Weight Gain: If the dad to be gains weight during your pregnancy the wives tale states you are having a girl. My husband has put on weight. We blame it on the fact that he away at school and eating chow hall food and drinking energy drinks for breakfast. However, this predicts that we are having a GIRL.

Cravings: Craving sweets is supposed to indicate that you're having a girl, while craving salty treats is indicative of a boy. I am all for the salty snacks-mostly pretzels and Dill Pickle Chips. BOY.

Headaches: Mom's who have frequent headaches are said to be carrying a boy. I have frequent headaches and migraines. Another point for BOY.

Morning Sickness: If you have no problems with morning sickness, it's said you are carrying a boy. I never had an instance of morning sickness. Prediction: BOY. 

According to these few wives tales and a few more I looked at odds were pointing at a boy. Almost across the whole board. So what am I really having? It turns out my gut feeling was correct. 
We are having a little GIRL!!
Her name will be Ripley Ann.
Brownie points if you can recognize our name inspiration. =]


Monday, June 16, 2014

Having a baby is the scariest thing I will ever do

Having a baby grow in me is the most stressful thing I think I will ever endure. There are so many what ifs and you are responsible for keeping this little thing healthy while it grows inside you. I am constantly paranoid that something is wrong. My lack of weight gain, the fact that I am not showing at all, and my less than perfect healthy diet lead to these fears. 
Last week I had my first ultrasound to determine the gender and make sure everything is looking good anatomy wise. Husband is still at school so I went alone which sucked but C'est la Vie. My ultrasound tech pointed out some of the anatomy but overall didn't say much and when I asked if things were normal she would say "you're Doctor will go over everything with you when you are done." I just nodded and went about watching the screen of my little blip-who is not such a blip anymore. We got some pretty adorable photos. 
Baby curled up in ball. You can see the head and leg and foot. 
Hand with pointer finger up.
 Before an ultrasound they have you drink 32oz of water 45min before your appointment to fill your bladder to help get a clearer image. This was so uncomfortable. That 45min on top of 15min waiting at the clinic and 45 more min while they are doing the ultrasound is horrible. After the ultrasound I had to go talk to my Doctor about the results, they told me to go to the bathroom and get a pee sample while I wait to see her. Both bathrooms were taken so they made me wait 15 more min in the waiting room until it was time for my Doctor to see me. Honestly, peeing never felt so good. 
Now onto the results. Everything was good except for one potentially major thing. They found a calcium deposit on our baby's heart. The deposit alone doesn't effect the heart but it turns out that it is a soft marker for Down Syndrome. I had to fight the tears as my doctor was explaining this to me. She explained that it can be linked but it is not a strong link. I had the triple screen test done to determine my odds of having a baby with something like Downs and my result was 1 in 7,000. When you have a baby with a deposit on the heart the risk doubles to 1 in 3500. So my Doctor reassured me that even with the doubling my odds are VERY good. Plus no one in my family and no one in Jake's family has any chromosomal issues or abnormalities. Even with this news I broke down crying the second I walked out of that office building. I couldn't even drive home for 15min because I was so scared and upset. 
I hated that I had to worry that my first baby was going to be unhealthy. I hated that I had to go through that alone and that my Husband wasn't there to hug me and reassure me that everything was going to be ok. I hated that the moment I was starting to get excited about having a baby, that I didn't want to begin with, I get news like this. 
They referred me to a specialist so I could get a Level 2 Ultrasound to check for other physical markers of Down Syndrome. I had that appointment today.
A few things came up. First, it turns out that the baby has TWO calcium deposits on the heart not just one. Which raises a slightly higher red flag. However, NO other markers were found. Baby is growing normally, all baby's body parts look 100% normal. The offered to do an amino but didn't think it was necessary so I declined. The specialist Doctor I saw said she would not be worried. The deposits are not a strong enough marker to cause concern since her anatomy is normal, my blood screening was great, and we have no family history.  So I am hoping that this baby comes out happy and healthy. That's all I want. 
The ultrasound did pick up another thing unrelated to the baby's health. Turns out I have a cyst like mass on my right ovary. Not a big cause for concern since they sometimes pop up up with all the hormonal changes and usually go away after the hormones balance out after birth. So we will keep an eye on it and see what happens. 
Well this was quite a lengthy post. I will do a gender reveal post on a later date so I will end here with a cute picture of it yawning today!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Damn these emotions!

Being pregnant has made me into a blubbering mess lately. I am not the kind of woman who cries. I am very strong emotionally and basically only cry when people die. Lately, I am crying at EVERYTHING!

I've been watching Confessions: Animal Hoarding on Netflix and every single time I see a sad animal and especially at the end of the episode where they give their animals away I break down! I grab my dogs and hold them and kiss them and tell them I would never get rid of them or do anything to hurt them. It breaks my damn heart.
When Jake went back to school yesterday after just having the weekend with him I balled my eyes out because I miss him when he is gone and I really HATE being alone. 
Sometimes I will think of the baby and get scared that I'm not ready and start crying because I'm scared and feel stupid for letting this happen to me. 
I even get frustration cries when I am at work. I have been working so much lately and it's really taking a toll on my body. My feet and back ache so bad halfway through a shift and I still have so much work to do. I get discouraged and just wish I could go home. So I get teary eyed and have to go sit somewhere and take a break. 
Then the fact that I have zero friends gets to me. My friends from back home don't speak to me anymore and I haven't met anyone here in San Diego. It gets to be incredibly lonely with no one to talk to. I always have my husband but its't not the same as a close girlfriend. 
I hate feeling sad all the time and I cannot wait for this "symptom" to go away! I know it's going to be a long time, I'm hoping I don't go crazy before then. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Internship Day 1

Today I started my Internship at Rancho Coastal Humane Society with their dog trainer! 
I had so much fun and even after only one session I learned so much! I've always been a hands on learner and reading from the book just wasn't enough! Seeing it first hand, asking questions, and watching certain techniques in action is making everything come together! For the first 5 weeks of class I just observe and take notes. For the next 5 weeks I bring my dog and actually take the class, and for the last 5 weeks I get to assist! These sessions are all basic focus/obedience learning courses. I have also been asked to sit in on her class on Wednesday nights which is a class focused on handling very reactive dogs which I am very eager to learn about since I want to work with shelter dogs and reactivity is a common problem they have! I am just so excited about this. More excited than I have been about anything before. I'm so happy I finally found something I am good at and passionate about. 
Once class was over and went over to Petsmart and got some basic training tools so I can apply what I learn in class to my dogs at home. 
My Blue Heeler Mix Aida will be the one I mostly work with. She already knows the basics; sit, down, wait, shake, wave, and roll over. Now I'm going to teach her to focus on me, not get super excited when I grab her leash, and to successfully loose leash walk. I have so much to teach her and I know she will pick it up quickly. Not going to lie, my dog is basically a genius and sometimes too smart for her own good!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Jake finally got orders! By Christmas we will be in...
Tampa, Florida! 
I'm so stinking excited to move, see a new place, get a new bigger house, and have an exciting journey with my family! This will be my first PCS so I hope it goes smoothly. It turns out that someone Jake previously worked with owns a house there that should be available for us to move to around that time frame so we might already have a lead on a place to live. It's four bedrooms with plenty of room for our dogs and new baby and it's just so exciting! I've only been to Florida once but from what I remember it was nice. It has nicer beaches than Cali and better water for scuba diving, which I hope to get into, and snorkeling which I LOVE! It's also more affordable than San Diego which is a plus! We can also wrestle alligators! haha just kidding but I would love to see one! I've already been researching the area and things to do and I thing it will be a great place to experience. I cannot wait to move!

Oh and on a side note...My furbaby Penny turns 4 today! They grow up too fast!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Hate Clothes

When the hell did fashion take such a drastic curve in the wrong direction? 
I went to the mall yesterday in search of some summer tops because I have none! My favorite store of all time for Juniors clothes (yes I refuse to move up to womens. I will stay in Juniors as long as I possibly can) has always been Jcpenny. They always had clothes in my style for very cheap. I went there yesterday and everything was a crop top! I cannot wear a crop top. I am not a size zero so there is no way in hell I am letting my gut hang out for all to see. I ended up finding one tank I liked in the whole store, one of very few that was normal length. I haven't been clothes shopping in a couple years so I felt sooo behind in the fashion trends. I had no idea cropped tops were all  young people were wearing now a days. After being very let down by what used to be my favorite place to shop I stopped at Forever 21 which is my second favorite store. Once again everything was cropped or completely see through. I think layering is another trend I haven't caught onto yet. I left that store empty handed. 
While we were on our way out of the mall a new store caught my eye that I had never been to before called Cotton On and I found a really cute tank there and lot of other fun quirky things but I talked myself out of buying those. So after what seemed like a whole afternoon of shopping I left with two tanks. Only spent $25 which makes me happy but my wardrobe really needs some new things. I still wear things from High School. I also have stuff in my closet and drawers that I haven't worn in years that I really need to donate. For each new thing I get I have to get rid of one that I currently have.   
I guess I need to find some new stores to shop at. I'm thinking of going out and trying Target and Kohls. Where do you guys get your summer clothes?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Great Bernardo Fire; Animal Center Evacuation!

The lovely San Diego has a 700 acre brush fire going on right now and it is absolutely crazy! How convenient that it is occurring right behind my work where we had 400 animals that needed to be evacuated. I was not at work today but heard about this on Facebook. I called in and asked if they needed any more help but by the time I had heard about it they already had all the help they needed. 
With the gracious help of the community all the animals were evacuated safely and I was so happy and relieved to hear this! Those animals at work are honestly very important to me and I treat them like they are my own. I couldn't bare to think of anything happening to them. They were all relocated to our long time supporter; Sea World, where they are getting food, water, walks, and lots of love. Most importantly they are safe!
I don't know how long it will take for this fire to be put out or how long the animals will have to wait to go back to the center. Heck I don't even know if I am supposed to go to work tomorrow or SeaWorld or what! I'm still waiting to hear from my boss about what is going on. I just hope we will be able to get the fire under control and that no people or buildings get harmed!


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