Monday, December 2, 2013

Kohls Haul!

I usually don't shop at Kohls. Not sure why, I love their style and they really aren't that expensive. I saw that they were having some killer deals for Black Friday so I went online and picked out a few things. 

First up we have this adorable Pikachu sweater and a very comfy 3 piece pajama set. I love Pokemon. I won't shy away from that fact so naturally I felt I needed this sweater! I had recently torn a hole in the crotch of my favorite pair of pajama bottoms and all my fuzzy socks have huge holes too. I felt it was time to replace them. So I found this awesomely comfy pajama set which happens to be in my favorite color. 
Regular Price: $30
I paid: $9.99
Regular Price: $40.00
I paid: $19.99
When I found these leggings I fell in love!!! Growing up in the 90s, I was a huge fan of The Lion King. I also really love the sky and stars. These leggings are perfect! I am going to wear the crap out of these. Don't worry, I always match my leggings with long tops that cover my ass. I was just too lazy to put one on in the picture. 
Regular Price: $24.00
I paid: $12.00
Lastly, I got this beautiful dress! I love leopard print and I can't wait to wear this on a romantic date with the husband. 

Speechless Animal Lace Dress 

Regular Price: $48.00
I paid: $23.99

Overall, this haul cost me $60.56 with the sale prices, free shipping, and a 15% off coupon. 
I ended up saving a little over $100!
I also earned $15 Kohls cash to use on my next purchase. 
 I was in need of new clothes and I have a rule for each new item of clothing I buy-I have to get rid of one old item I already have. 
I also just noticed my dog photo bombed every single picture. She was in the leggings pictures too I just cropped her out. 
Klingy much dog?


  1. Yes! I did some online black friday shopping for my hubby from kohl's plus I had a 20% off code....then I got $45 kohl's cash so today I took my mom out to pick out shoes for her birthday - and I had another 20% off plus when i checked in on foursquare they had an additional $5 coupon - score!

    1. Dang you hit the jackpot! I love getting good deals!
      I had no idea they had a deal on foursquare. I must remember to check that when I go into stores!

  2. Those are some pretty great savings! Well done! I'm hoping to have a little more money next year to enjoy the online deals...this year is allllll wedding haha



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