Monday, November 4, 2013

Pokemon brings me closer to my Husband

Yesterday my Husband and I were bumming around the house and somehow got to talking about Pokemon. We knew two new games had just come out last month for the 3DS which was Pokemon X and Y. Now Jake and I grew up in the era of trading Pokemon cards and watching the anime series on TV. I know that I was hardcore into Pokemon trading cards and had quite a collection back the day. I'm still a little bit obsessed with the franchise. I had my own 3DS and I frequently played the Soul Silver and Black versions on it. Yesterday Jake expressed that he really wanted to play the new one and because he knew I loved it so much he decided to take me to Gamestop to buy the X version to give me something to do (how sweet is he?) So we got home and I started playing while he played Fable 3 on the Xbox. The more I played and talked about it the more he wanted to play Pokemon too. So he checked ebay to see if he could score a used 3DS for himself. There was nothing cheap so a couple hours later we went back to Gamestop and he bought a used 3DS for himself and the Y version. 
We played it together side by side on the couch while we watched Doctor Who for the rest of the night. We are both addicted! It's the little things like chilling on the couch playing a game together and talking about it that makes me happy and appreciate the relationship I have with Jake. We can have fun together in the simplest ways. We can totally nerd out and be geeks and feel comfortable around each other doing it. So tonight once he gets home from work and after we go to the gym we will probably be sitting together playing it again. We will trade and help each other catch them all! It's quite great because a few guys that work in Jake's shop play it too so we can hopefully all help each other! Maybe even have pokemon playing parties...haha. 
What simple things to you and your significant other do that you just love?


  1. I love times like these too. It's the little things!

  2. The things that change and we do (when we never would have thought we would before) for the love of our husbands :).



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