Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Holiday Wishlist

I normally don't ask for much for Christmas. I'm more of a giver than a taker and I've always felt weird getting gifts from people-even family. This year I thought I would go ahead and put together a little list for family, the husband, and for myself because all these things I would love to own one day!
1). Run Like A Zombie Is Chasing You Tank. I love zombies. I love tanks. & I would love to wear this during our outdoor runs and trips to the gym! It's cool, unique, awesome, and it makes working out fun! It is a bit spendy though with a price tag of $27.00.
2). Essie Encrusted Treasures. I am OBSESSED with nail polish and when I saw this new collection by Essie I knew I had to have it. You need to look at swatches to get the best feel for it but it's textured and has little sequin-like things in it and it's just so pretty! I want them all but with a price tag of $8.50 per bottle, I would settle for the black or the blue. 
3). Doggy Sign.Our house is seriously lacking in the Decor Department. I need more things to cover these bare white walls that I'm not allowed to paint! This sign is perfect for our lives because our two dogs are everything to me and they are what makes this place a complete home! Only $12.45.
4). Camera Strap. I bought a Rebel T3i last year and have yet to really do anything with it. I really want to learn how to operate it better and try my hand at amateur photography. I love Leopard and I love anything that will brighten up an object. I found this Camera Strap on Etsy and I thought it would be perfect for adding some color and fun to my camera!  It's super cute and only $19.95!!
5). Vintage American Flag Infinity Scarf. I have a small obsession with scarves. I love them, I love 'Murica, and I love how vintage it looks! Found this gem on Etsy for only $19.99.
6). A basket of Chihuahuas! Everyone who knows me knows I love dogs, especially Chihuahuas so I thought I would be silly and put them on my list. My husband and family know how much I want another dog but our housing only allows us to have two and we have already reached our max. I'll remember this one for the future! 
7). Woodland Print Set. Just some art to spruce up the house. I love animals and these little prince themed cuties are awesome! $30.00.
8). Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera LensAs mentioned before, I really want to start using my camera more. This 50mm lens will help me with portraits and close up shots which I tend to take a lot of! I also take a lot of low light shots indoors and with the high aperture settings this lens provides I will be able to take some great shots! $110.
9). Silhouette Cameo. I love crafting things and being creative. I could do so much with this machine! I really want to experiment with working with Vinyl. Decals for the car, home decor, gifts for people, you name it this machine can do it. I can also cut out letters and patterns on paper for any future care packages I will have to send to the Husband. I would LOVE this machine! $299.00.
10). Last but not least I love gift cards. Specifically for stores like Target, JcPenney, Forever 21, Ikea, Olive Garden, Applebees, or AMC movie theaters. You can't go wrong with a gift card! 

What do you have on your wishlists this year?

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  1. That scarf is adorable! I think I may have to get me one too!

  2. Love your list, so sweet and simple. I've been struggling with one of these myself... I should get to work on it soon! ;)

  3. Oh, I LOVE those woodland prints! Ryan and I are just starting to discuss decorating our home in Arizona, and I think those would work SO well for us. I swear I live by Etsy these days...their prices are usually even better!

    1. Etsy is the bomb. I'm a sucker for homemade stuff! People have such creative minds!

  4. I got the Silhouette Cameo last year for Christmas and love it! There are so many projects you can do with it!

    1. I want it so bad! I just sit ad think of all the awesome things I could do!

  5. Love the scarf and the t. Great picks.
    Visiting from Bloody Marys etc...
    Barbara @

  6. That tank top is awesome! I also love Essie polish, but only buy it every once in a while because it is pretty spendy. That doggy sign is super cute, even though I am ticked at my dogs right now ha ha. & I just bought a vintage looking American flag scarf this summer! It isn't an infinite scarf though, but it was only $4.99 on Groopdealz. Love your wish list!!



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