Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marine Corps Ball (my 1st!)

Last month was the Marine Corps Ball for my husband's unit. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be! The band was great (they did a unique rendition of Mackelmore's Thrift Shop and changed the words to fit Marine Corps things! You can see a short Instagram clip of it HERE), the speeches were awesome, and everything was just so empowering! The only thing that sucked is that I look HORRIBLE in the pictures we had taken...and you are lucky I am even sharing it. We took three different sets and yeah this is the best one. I look like I was forcing a smile and I just...I can't...hopefully next years will be better. It doesn't help that I had left ALL my makeup at home because my husband was rushing me out the door as soon as I got back from my hair appointment. I borrowed mascara from hubby's friend's wife but that was all I had and you can tell. I felt so self conscious about it! 
I did love my dress though. It was simple, purple (my favorite color), comfortable, and only cost me $106 at David's Bridal. SCORE! I got my hair done at the local beauty college and it only cost me $16 with tip because Military spouses get 50% off. SCORE AGAIN. I didn't know about this discount before I went in and the only reason they knew I was a military spouse was because she asked what the occasion was and I had to tell the truth!
We ate a great dinner of chicken and beef and chatted with friends. I didn't do any drinking because I was still recovering from drinking myself into sickness on Halloween two days before. Ick. I hate that feeling but I let loose that night. Husband on the other hand drank enough to send himself into ridiculous drunk mode which is actually entertaining. He deserved a night to let loose though so I don't hold it against him. We ditched out shortly after eating because we wanted to get to the bars downtown. Here are the party favors we got. Pretty neat!
The ball was held in the Marriott hotel and we got a room for the night so we didn't have to worry about finding a ride back home. Here is a shot I got from the balcony of our room before we went out. It was breathtaking!
We had a good time at the a little bar downtown called "Double Deuce." They had a mechanical bull and played a lot of country music. I was in heaven and I felt like I was back at home in MN. My eyes look freaky in the picture we snapped while we were there. I blame the lighting or I was momentarily possessed by a demon?
Overall, it was a very successful night and I look forward to next year!


  1. I LOVE your hair girl! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Looks like fun! I love your dress.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun time! Love your dress and your hair!
    Those party favors are too cute :D

  4. Love your dress...and your hair! This looks so fun!



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