Monday, November 25, 2013

Living with a Dog that has Seizures...and fearing she will die in my arms.

Meet Penny our sweet, adorable, loving, 3 year old Chihuahua.  Or as my Husband and I like to call her; parakeet, because she loves to perch on our shoulders during car rides. She is my baby and while I love her to death, she is a pain in the ass. She started getting random seizures about two years ago. They started out as very small muscle spasms where her body would just lock up, there wasn't any shaking involved. She only had a couple occurrences of this and her vet didn't seem concerned because they were so rare and only lasted about a minute. The first time she had a real stereotypical seizure was when she was about 2 years old. When it happened I completely freaked out. It was a weekend so her vet was closed but luckily I had previously worked at said vet clinic so I had both vets and all vet tech's phone numbers and had the clear to call them on their cells anytime for any reason. So I called one of the techs immediately. I was balling my eyes out and she could barely understand me. I chose to call her because she owned an epileptic dog and knew everything there was to know about seizing dogs. She gave me the best advice; to cool my shit and stay strong for my puppy. Turns out both her vets were out of town so I was instructed to just stay calm and wait for her to snap out of it. Within 2-3 minutes she was fine and back to normal. I brought her in for a checkup the next business day. She had a full physical exam, blood work, neurological exam-you name it she had it and EVERY SINGLE THING WAS NORMAL! 
According to science there was nothing wrong with her. Now normally this would be great news but it was frustrating to both me and her vet because we didn't have any answers and the seizures continued to happen every couple of months...randomly without any environmental triggers. I got a medication for her called diazepam which I give to her rectally during a seizure and it really helps a lot with snapping it out of her quickly. There is no daily medication for her because there is nothing abnormal in her blood levels so there's no way to prescribe her anything to stabilize levels that are already stable. It breaks my heart to watch her go through these seizures and not being able to help her. All I can do is hold her, talk to her, tell her everything is going to be ok, and wait for it to pass. She just suffered from one about 30 minutes ago which sparked me to write this. I was on the computer when it happened and heard some banging on the floor behind me. My other dog got up and ran to her. I turned around and saw her in the middle of a seizure, her head was smacking against the tile floor as she tried to get to me and her chin had started bleeding in the process. She was drooling uncontrollably and her eyes were wide and red. I ran to her, pulled her to me, sat on the floor, and held her. It only lasted about two minutes but it felt like forever and it took everything in me to not burst into tears. As soon as she was alright I let the water works flow and now she is sleeping peacefully on my lap. This one was a bad one and I couldn't get her medication in her on my own. I wish I knew what was wrong with her and how to help her. Every time this happens she has a hard time breathing and I always have a fear that she is going to die in my arms. A pet owner should never have to fear that. 
Penny is our little girl and we want her to be apart of our family until she is old and grey. In honor of her here are some adorable pictures of her being a daddy's girl! 


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about your dog.

  2. Oh that is scary :( I am so sorry to hear about her seizures!

  3. Oh goodness, that's tough :( Fingers crossed she'll be okay! My sister's a vet, and I wonder if it's a chihuahua thing because she's seen a few lately that suffer from intense seizures.

    1. I'm thinking it has to do with the breed as well. I've had a few friends who had dogs that suffer from the same thing! Darn dogs...

  4. She is just the most precious thing! I am so sorry she has seizures :( She's really lucky to have two people who love her so much!




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