Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree!

We went out a got our Christmas tree today and all the decorations! I had wanted to do this before Thanksgiving but Jake is refusing to let me set it up before Thanksgiving. I guess he has a point. I just love all the lights, colors, and happiness that surrounds Christmas. It's a great time of the year. It is also the first Christmas Jake and I get to spend together. I'm so excited to be here with him this year! We tried to get a family photo with the tree but the dogs just were not cooperating and either was the Husband. 
This was the first year the dogs had ever been in a house with a real tree. Back home we had a fake one so they investigated it, dug their heads in it, and sniffed every area they could possible reach to try and figure out what the heck it was and why it was in the house. You can see a cute video of my dog Aida investigating it on my Instagram here. They crack me up!
Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in AZ

This was our first Thanksgiving together and we decided to take the 5 hour drive down to Phoenix to spend the holiday with Jake's Aunt and it was a lot of fun! I'm very glad we decided to go! We had a delicious meal and even got some Black Friday shopping in. Here are some snapshots of our time there.
Sunset in the Mountains on our drive there.
Finally arrived!
On our way to eat some Turkey!
Best meal ever!
The kids were taking a nice horsey ride...but then Jake got tired. 
Us <3
Our Black Friday haul. We got such good deals at Toys R Us! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How I got $17.69 in products for $9.31. Coupon WIN!

I'm normally not much of a couponer. I watch the show extreme couponers and I seriously think those women are nuts. Not only do I not have 40+ hours a week to spend on searching for deals, but I also don't believe in hoarding food and toilet paper. If I were to ever do that I would donate basically everything I coupon for. However, I stumbled upon some really great deals through the RedPlum ad we get in the mail and a couple coupons I found online while bored. 
Here's what I ended up getting. All for only $9.31! Regular retail price of $17.69
My store of choice was Walmart. I know I recently wrote a post of Why I Hate Shopping at Walmart, but it really had the best deals for the coupons I had. I'm pleased to say I had no issues during my trip there this time. So let's break down these deals. 
Old Spice Deodorant
Regular Price: $3.97
Coupon for $.50 off which you can find HERE
Total Price: $3.47

Suave Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner
Regular Price: $2.88 each=$5.76
Coupon buy one Shampoo get Conditioner free (Found in RedPlum ad)
Total Price: $2.88 for both

TRESemme' Shampoo
Regular Price: $3.98 each=$7.96
Coupon for $5 off any two TRESemme' products (Found in RedPlum ad)
Total Price: $2.96 for both
Upon further inspection after my shopping trip I found THIS DEAL where you can get both these items for FREE! Oh well, I'm still happy with the $2.96!

So that my friends is how I saved money on some basic necessities for the Husband and I. I think I can handle small coupon hauls like this. It is pretty exciting to crunch the numbers and see how much you saved! 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Living with a Dog that has Seizures...and fearing she will die in my arms.

Meet Penny our sweet, adorable, loving, 3 year old Chihuahua.  Or as my Husband and I like to call her; parakeet, because she loves to perch on our shoulders during car rides. She is my baby and while I love her to death, she is a pain in the ass. She started getting random seizures about two years ago. They started out as very small muscle spasms where her body would just lock up, there wasn't any shaking involved. She only had a couple occurrences of this and her vet didn't seem concerned because they were so rare and only lasted about a minute. The first time she had a real stereotypical seizure was when she was about 2 years old. When it happened I completely freaked out. It was a weekend so her vet was closed but luckily I had previously worked at said vet clinic so I had both vets and all vet tech's phone numbers and had the clear to call them on their cells anytime for any reason. So I called one of the techs immediately. I was balling my eyes out and she could barely understand me. I chose to call her because she owned an epileptic dog and knew everything there was to know about seizing dogs. She gave me the best advice; to cool my shit and stay strong for my puppy. Turns out both her vets were out of town so I was instructed to just stay calm and wait for her to snap out of it. Within 2-3 minutes she was fine and back to normal. I brought her in for a checkup the next business day. She had a full physical exam, blood work, neurological exam-you name it she had it and EVERY SINGLE THING WAS NORMAL! 
According to science there was nothing wrong with her. Now normally this would be great news but it was frustrating to both me and her vet because we didn't have any answers and the seizures continued to happen every couple of months...randomly without any environmental triggers. I got a medication for her called diazepam which I give to her rectally during a seizure and it really helps a lot with snapping it out of her quickly. There is no daily medication for her because there is nothing abnormal in her blood levels so there's no way to prescribe her anything to stabilize levels that are already stable. It breaks my heart to watch her go through these seizures and not being able to help her. All I can do is hold her, talk to her, tell her everything is going to be ok, and wait for it to pass. She just suffered from one about 30 minutes ago which sparked me to write this. I was on the computer when it happened and heard some banging on the floor behind me. My other dog got up and ran to her. I turned around and saw her in the middle of a seizure, her head was smacking against the tile floor as she tried to get to me and her chin had started bleeding in the process. She was drooling uncontrollably and her eyes were wide and red. I ran to her, pulled her to me, sat on the floor, and held her. It only lasted about two minutes but it felt like forever and it took everything in me to not burst into tears. As soon as she was alright I let the water works flow and now she is sleeping peacefully on my lap. This one was a bad one and I couldn't get her medication in her on my own. I wish I knew what was wrong with her and how to help her. Every time this happens she has a hard time breathing and I always have a fear that she is going to die in my arms. A pet owner should never have to fear that. 
Penny is our little girl and we want her to be apart of our family until she is old and grey. In honor of her here are some adorable pictures of her being a daddy's girl! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Marine Corps Ball (my 1st!)

Last month was the Marine Corps Ball for my husband's unit. It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be! The band was great (they did a unique rendition of Mackelmore's Thrift Shop and changed the words to fit Marine Corps things! You can see a short Instagram clip of it HERE), the speeches were awesome, and everything was just so empowering! The only thing that sucked is that I look HORRIBLE in the pictures we had taken...and you are lucky I am even sharing it. We took three different sets and yeah this is the best one. I look like I was forcing a smile and I just...I can't...hopefully next years will be better. It doesn't help that I had left ALL my makeup at home because my husband was rushing me out the door as soon as I got back from my hair appointment. I borrowed mascara from hubby's friend's wife but that was all I had and you can tell. I felt so self conscious about it! 
I did love my dress though. It was simple, purple (my favorite color), comfortable, and only cost me $106 at David's Bridal. SCORE! I got my hair done at the local beauty college and it only cost me $16 with tip because Military spouses get 50% off. SCORE AGAIN. I didn't know about this discount before I went in and the only reason they knew I was a military spouse was because she asked what the occasion was and I had to tell the truth!
We ate a great dinner of chicken and beef and chatted with friends. I didn't do any drinking because I was still recovering from drinking myself into sickness on Halloween two days before. Ick. I hate that feeling but I let loose that night. Husband on the other hand drank enough to send himself into ridiculous drunk mode which is actually entertaining. He deserved a night to let loose though so I don't hold it against him. We ditched out shortly after eating because we wanted to get to the bars downtown. Here are the party favors we got. Pretty neat!
The ball was held in the Marriott hotel and we got a room for the night so we didn't have to worry about finding a ride back home. Here is a shot I got from the balcony of our room before we went out. It was breathtaking!
We had a good time at the a little bar downtown called "Double Deuce." They had a mechanical bull and played a lot of country music. I was in heaven and I felt like I was back at home in MN. My eyes look freaky in the picture we snapped while we were there. I blame the lighting or I was momentarily possessed by a demon?
Overall, it was a very successful night and I look forward to next year!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sh*t My Husband Says

My Hubby is a goofball. He makes me laugh without even trying and more often then not he says the weirdest/randomest stuff that sends me into a fit of laughter. So why not post it on the blog so others can get a chuckle out of his ridiculousness? This may become a regular thing once a week, you never know! 
#1 Me: "I love you berry much. As much as I love strawberries and blueberries. What kind of berry do you love me like?"
Husband: "Umm...Pineapples?"
#2 Me: "I want to take up baking. Like make muffins and cupcakes and stuff. What else should I bake?"
Husband: "Casseroles?"
#3: Husband: "I can already tell that today is going to be a long day. We have a "unit function" which is the officers and staff cooking and serving us food. 'Yey'"
Me: "Oh...sorry it's not going to be a good day for you. Try to stay positive. At least there is food involved."
Husband: "But I want the leftover tacos that I brought with me. :-( Wow. First world problems."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Friday List

Do any of you enjoy fighting through crowds to get the best deals on stuff you don't necessarily need but really want? Normally I am not this type of person. I would much rather sit in the comfort of my own home and not worry about waiting in lines and not have to worry about being pushed over and trampled to death by crazy deal seekers. However, this year might be different. The Husband and I have been wanting to get a PS3 for a long time now. Mostly just to play two particular games which happen to be The Last of Us and I really want to download the old school games Dino Crisis and Dino Crisis 2 from the PlayStation online store. There is a really good bundle deal at Walmart that includes a new PS3 with The Last of Us Included and controllers are only $39 as well. So we are thinking about hitting up Walmart on Thanksgiving night and getting the system. It is a really good deal!
 Looking at the Walmart ad on Black Friday Deals then prompted me to look at ads for all the other stores and since I love all the clothes at JCPenney I checked them out and now I really want to go and take advantage of the sales they have on jeans, boots, and sweaters! I also saw that Walmart had a tripod for my camera on sale so I want to get that now too. Ahh. I hate when things are on sale cause then I feel the need to go and snatch what I can now while I have the chance. That's how they get you! Damn marketing techniques really work. 
Do any of you plan on doing some Black Friday shopping? What items are on your wishlist? Do you chose to stay away from the crowds and shop online for Cyber Monday or do you just avoid the whole shopping thing all together?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Camping Palomar Mountain State Park

Over the weekend before Veterans Day the Jake, me, and four other friends all went on a little camping trip. It was so much fun sitting out by the fire, eating MREs, talking, and hiking. I was very sick with food poisoning at the time but I tried not to let it ruin all my fun. Jake and I didn't prepare well for the night time though. We didn't have any sleeping bags...We rented a tent and two camping chairs from Outdoor Adventures on base (love that they have that by the way!) We could have rented sleeping bags too but we thought we would be ok with just our two comforters. WRONG! We froze our butts off both nights. It gets so cold at night this time of year, worse in the Mountains! You wouldn't think that CA had that but it sure does! I also had to get up many times a night to use the bathroom, which meant leaving what little warmth we had. We barely slept, I barely ate anything the whole time, and I got a little light headed while hiking because I was dehydrated. Despite those drawbacks I had a lot of fun! Being out in the woods reminded me so much of home and I felt like I belonged there. I don't feel like I belong in the city part of CA. The views were beautiful, the daytime weather was beautiful and spending time with friends was wonderful. Here are some pictures I snapped!


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