Friday, October 11, 2013

Give An Alligator It's Wiiiings

See the girl above? That's Bunny Meyer. She has her own Youtube channel under the name Grav3yardgirl which can be found HERE. She is my latest addiction. I found her channel a couple weeks ago and I tell you this girl knows how to keep people hooked. She is funny, smart, has great style, and awesome beauty tips. Watching her has actually inspired me to experiment more with makeup which I never wore before. She has a couple one liners that she likes to say and they stuck with me and I walk around saying them all the time and I drive the Husband nuts but I don't care! I say "Sippy Sippy" every time I take a drink, I call everything stringy "worms," and I say "Sassy" about everything that seems someone fancy. 
I've even found myself changing up my voice like she does too and making funny faces like this:
 You have to check her out and see what she brings to the world. You will not be disappointed. She is also a Doctor Who fan which is instant points for me!
She has a great variety of vlogs as well. Topics include (complete with links to my favorite ones)...
Most of all I love her because she is a genuinely caring person and she always encourages her followers to be themselves. I think that is important! 

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