Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fiesta Island Dog Park

The Husband and I have been going to Fiesta Island to walk the dogs and hang out with friends since I've moved down here. We've noticed during past visits that there was a fenced in dog park there but we never went to it. Two weekends ago we decided to give it a try and we are so glad that we did! I've never seen a bigger more beautiful dog park! Sure there isn't a lot of grass but this park is miles long and while one side is enclosed by fence, the other side of the park is enclosed by water. There is so much room for the dogs to run and swim! We had a blast and it was a safe environment and all the dogs there were very well behaved including my own which is a bit shocking! Neither of my dogs are great with other dogs so it made me a little nervous at first to let them walk around here off leash but they surprised me with their good behavior and they had such a great time. 
Hey that's my toy!
Uhh mom? What is this?


  1. What a perfect way to spend the day with your family and friends! I bet the dogs were in heeeeaven!

  2. I've heard great things about this park but never visited. I love that there is a beach for the dogs to enjoy!



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