Friday, October 25, 2013

Empty House and Stolen Puppy!

I hate being in an empty house. My Husband is in Las Vegas for three days with family and I have the house basically to myself. I of course have my two dogs and our roommate is still here but he rarely ever leaves his room. I could have gone with Jake but I chose to be responsible and stay home, work, and  save money. Besides I was just there last month, saw everything, and quite frankly don't want to see it all again. I also couldn't swing getting three weekends in a row off of work. Next weekend we have the ball and the weekend after we are camping with some friends. Normally being to myself for three days would be amazing and I would have my best friend over and we would have the time of our lives but I have no friends here yet. I've been here for five months and have yet to really form a friendship with anyone. I get along really well with all the ladies I work with and I went to a social gathering at my supervisors house a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun but it's really hard for me to make true close friends. I am so shy and I have a really hard time opening up to people. It's always been a big struggle of mine. I was teased a lot growing up and it basically erased all my trust in people. So when you Husband leaves its a lot harder when he is the only one you have. It's even harder when he is with family and you so desperately want to hop on a plane and go see yours. Not to mention he doesn't even call and barely texts you. Makes you feel alone. So very alone. My little sister must be going nuts because I'm always face timing her since I need someone to talk to. I've always been an independent person. I used to LOVE having alone quiet time but over the years that's changed. Now I am at my best when surrounded by people I love and I'm ok with that. So my three days have and will continue to consist of work, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and spending time with my pups taking cute pictures of them like the one above. 
In other news, we had an eventful thing happen at our work this week. Tuesday night someone broke into the dog kennels and stole a puppy! We had cops interviewing people, taking photos for evidence and all of that. As far as I know no one has been caught but it makes me sick that someone would actually do that! All of our dogs are kept in outdoor kennels (don't worry we have thick plastic barriers to insulate at night as well as heated floors). We find this is the best way to keep them and have potential adopters view them. The great CA weather year round is what enables us to do this with the best interest of the dogs in mind. We have gates around the complex that are locked up every night with thick chain and padlocks. Tuesday night someone unscrewed some bolts and got into the facility, climbed over the gap on the top of the kennel, and stole a puppy. Yeah pretty damn low if you ask me! If you have to break into a non profit animal shelter to steal a puppy, you don't deserve to have a pet and you obviously don't have the means to own and take care of one. All of our dogs are kept in great conditions for a shelter and taken care of just like any dog in a loving home would be. They are fed twice/three times a day, given crates to sleep in, many blankets and towels, toys galore. Volunteers take them on long walks and play with them in our fields. They get a lot of human interaction with the staff and a lot of them get one on one attention with our dog trainers. We have a vet and vet technician staff available whenever a medical condition arises and they are treated immediately. They get treats and hugs and snuggles and are treated with nothing but love from every one in the facility! Stealing a dog from us was not because we treat them poorly it was out of pure idiocy. 


  1. Oh that makes me sick :( I hope they find whoever did that and the sweet puppy. Hope this weekend isn't too bad! I don't mind time alone, but after about a day I am ready for the husband to be back!


  2. That's terrible! Seriously, people suck so bad sometimes! Hope they can find the moron...

  3. you are not alone in that department. i'm also shy, it takes me a while to warm up but I always try and make an effort to get out of my shell, unfortunately that always backfires so i find it best to stay to myself. I hope things get better for you. there is nothing worse than feeling and being alone. hugs!!!

    and that's horrible about that puppy…so sad :(

  4. omgosh! That is so wrong stealing a puppy. So if it was in a kennel, it was someone's dog?? That is even worse.

    I really hope they find who did this and find the dog safe. Please keep us posted.

  5. Poor puppy dog!! I hope no harm comes to the little nugget!



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