Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Military Ball Season

The Military Ball for my Husband's unit is fast approaching. This will be my first ball and I have no idea what I'm going to do! I have a month to find a dress, decide what to do with my hair, nails, ect. What else does one have to do to prepare for a ball? I have to admit I feel very fancy thinking about getting all dressed up for a function like this. Other then my wedding, I haven't been dressed up since my Senior Prom. I'm not the dressy person. I would much rather wear jeans and flip flops than a dress and heels. However, I am a woman and the occasional excuse to get pretty does excite me. I think the hardest part is going to be finding a dress that matches my style that I can afford. I don't know of any dress store here in CA. I'm thinking David's Bridal? They have cute prom/bridesmaids dresses that would work. At least I think? The other issue is that I have no friends here besides my husband. I have already told him he has to bare with me and come with when I go shopping for one. That should be entertaining. I also want to get my hair colored before hand. Once again, no idea on any specifics. Nothing Pinterest can't help me with right? 
I've heard from multiple sources that Balls can be pretty dry and boring. I'm going to try to go in with an open mind through. I know that these balls are put on for a reason and I hope to remember that while I'm there. Even if it does get boring it stands for something. I just look forward to having a good night out with my Husband and his friends (hopinng to make some friends of my own). There should be good food, drinks, stories, and many laughs and I feel like that is something I really need. Life has taken on it's routine and the same old same old repeats every day. Husband and I go to work, I come home (always later than he does), we immediately head to the gym, work out, come home around 8:00 and make dinner, eat, watch some TV and read our books, and we are in bed by 9:30-10PM. We could both use a night out to let loose and have fun. We also got a hotel room for after the ball right next to the place the event is held so we won't have to worry about drinking then getting home somehow. Who else is attending a ball this year? Is it your first or are you a ball veteran? What should I expect? 


  1. I haven't attended a ball yet because my boyfriend and I are doing the long distance thing (and have been for the past year), but a bunch of his friends' wives said the Army balls are a lot of fun! Last year, one of the women said her husband snuck in a flask and the guys at the table had a blast with that. Also, it's an excuse to get dressed up and have some fun! Rent the Runway is SUPER fun to peruse for great deals, too :)

    I hope you end up having a blast...I'll be relying on your intel to know if they're actually fun or not haha

  2. Marine Corps Ball? I went to the Marine Corps Ball with my husband. Just going off of the MC ball experience: find a dress that is elegant and classy! Nothing too flashy or revealing. Eat some before you go because all the speeches and stuff have to be made before you eat and you will be starving!!! Otherwise, HAVE FUN! I had a great time!

  3. I just wore a dress from to our ball over the weekend. They give you exact size measurements, to be sure it'll fit you. You can even have a custom size made. It was relatively cheap too! We don't have any dress shops around the installation, so it was really my only option.

  4. I think the balls are fun! They did military balls when we were at Texas A&M, so I have technically been to 6. Girls predominantly wear long dresses, but you will see a mix of long and cocktail. I think the speeches are interesting, and they don't go too terribly long. The food is usually good, and the bar is nice too! It's something different to do with your husband, and I know you will have a blast!


  5. My guess is you will have a great time. Yes sometimes the speeches are boring but you will make it through. Over the years, I have found the ball to be a great place to meet other wives aka friends. As far as affordable dresses... check if there is a gown giveaway/exchange in your area. Maybe the ASYMCA on base has one or another organization? You might be able to find a used one on Pendleton Yard Sales? I like to shop Macy's for an affordable dress. This year I am going to use You should check it out! Oh and Holly is right, eat something first! It always takes forever for the food service! Have fun! Can't wait to see what you wear!

  6. I would suggest something floor length. It's hard to for it to look too short! And you can also look for dresses at the mall (if you have one). I found both of my formal dresses at Macy's. But have fun! Balls can be boring at times.

  7. I've had great experiences at the Navy balls that I've been to :) I would probably go with something long this time of year and definitely something on the classy side. Try to avoid anything that looks like a prom dress or is so bright you can see it coming from a mile away lol. I'm not sure what Marine balls are like, but I'm sure if you go in with an open mind, you will have a great time.

  8. I've had a great time at the Navy balls that I have been to. I would go with something floor-length this time of year and definitely stay away from anything that looks like a prom dress. Classy is best and definitely not something so bright you can see it coming from a mile away haha. I've rented many dresses from, it's a lifesaver!

    I don't know what Marine balls are like, but I'm sure if you go in with an open mind, you will have a great time.



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