Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Choose Your Own Adventure - October link-up

Welcome to our first month of ChooseYour Own Adventure, a new dating link-up! Be sure to recap your date this month and join the link up below.
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The rules:
1. Follow your co-hosts.
Lisa @ Sorority Life to Army Wife
Miranda @ Hurry Up and Wait
Megan @ Barefoot Bluejean Princess
2. Create a date with our theme and budget in mind.
3. Post your date write-up.
4. Grab a button and link up during the last week of each month!
October theme: Fall Festival
Get out there and tackle your fall bucket list. Football games, pumpkin patches, and haunted hayrides are just some of the great fall fun to be had.
Budget: $40

This month my Husband and I did things for Halloween and took a trip to learn about the history of San Diego!
 First we made sure to grab some pumpkins, print off some patterns, and get to carving! In all we spent about $10 to carve these. We originally wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and explore around there but I ended up working every weekend and we didn't have any time during the week so we just went and got our supplies from the local store. There's always next year for the pumpkin patch exploration!
In addition to carving pumpkins we also took a day to explore the city and learn a little more about it's history. We went down to Old Town San Diego for a history lesson and learned some really neat things! We also enjoyed a great authentic Mexican lunch while we were there as well. Admission was free so all we spent was money on lunch! 
Don't forget to blog and share your fall shenanigans on this link up! We would love to read what kind of dates you came up with and enjoyed. For any other Military Spouses or single bloggers out there: these don't have to be just dates with your SO, share the dates with your friends and children too! As long as they relate to the theme we want you to link up and share your story! Be sure to pay close attention to your host blogs for the November theme will be posted soon!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Empty House and Stolen Puppy!

I hate being in an empty house. My Husband is in Las Vegas for three days with family and I have the house basically to myself. I of course have my two dogs and our roommate is still here but he rarely ever leaves his room. I could have gone with Jake but I chose to be responsible and stay home, work, and  save money. Besides I was just there last month, saw everything, and quite frankly don't want to see it all again. I also couldn't swing getting three weekends in a row off of work. Next weekend we have the ball and the weekend after we are camping with some friends. Normally being to myself for three days would be amazing and I would have my best friend over and we would have the time of our lives but I have no friends here yet. I've been here for five months and have yet to really form a friendship with anyone. I get along really well with all the ladies I work with and I went to a social gathering at my supervisors house a couple weeks ago and had a lot of fun but it's really hard for me to make true close friends. I am so shy and I have a really hard time opening up to people. It's always been a big struggle of mine. I was teased a lot growing up and it basically erased all my trust in people. So when you Husband leaves its a lot harder when he is the only one you have. It's even harder when he is with family and you so desperately want to hop on a plane and go see yours. Not to mention he doesn't even call and barely texts you. Makes you feel alone. So very alone. My little sister must be going nuts because I'm always face timing her since I need someone to talk to. I've always been an independent person. I used to LOVE having alone quiet time but over the years that's changed. Now I am at my best when surrounded by people I love and I'm ok with that. So my three days have and will continue to consist of work, watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and spending time with my pups taking cute pictures of them like the one above. 
In other news, we had an eventful thing happen at our work this week. Tuesday night someone broke into the dog kennels and stole a puppy! We had cops interviewing people, taking photos for evidence and all of that. As far as I know no one has been caught but it makes me sick that someone would actually do that! All of our dogs are kept in outdoor kennels (don't worry we have thick plastic barriers to insulate at night as well as heated floors). We find this is the best way to keep them and have potential adopters view them. The great CA weather year round is what enables us to do this with the best interest of the dogs in mind. We have gates around the complex that are locked up every night with thick chain and padlocks. Tuesday night someone unscrewed some bolts and got into the facility, climbed over the gap on the top of the kennel, and stole a puppy. Yeah pretty damn low if you ask me! If you have to break into a non profit animal shelter to steal a puppy, you don't deserve to have a pet and you obviously don't have the means to own and take care of one. All of our dogs are kept in great conditions for a shelter and taken care of just like any dog in a loving home would be. They are fed twice/three times a day, given crates to sleep in, many blankets and towels, toys galore. Volunteers take them on long walks and play with them in our fields. They get a lot of human interaction with the staff and a lot of them get one on one attention with our dog trainers. We have a vet and vet technician staff available whenever a medical condition arises and they are treated immediately. They get treats and hugs and snuggles and are treated with nothing but love from every one in the facility! Stealing a dog from us was not because we treat them poorly it was out of pure idiocy. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why I Hate Shopping At Walmart

The military housing we live in is really great! We have nice houses, perfectly landscaped yards, everything is clean and wonderful. There is a Walmart literally two minutes down the road from our awesome housing and I swear it belongs in a ghetto.
I would like to start out and say not everything about Walmart is bad. I've been in some really fancy ones back in MN that I just loved. It allows families from the lower class, and broke college kids to afford basic necessities and that is important. But with that comes a lot of negative including what I have experienced there recently in addition to all the political and economical controversy that is tied into the company. 
 I went in there yesterday to get a controller for the PS3 we got two days ago. I don't shop at Walmart very often at all and the last time I was in there was about 3 weeks ago. About two months ago they started moving everything around in there...they still aren't done! It's dirty. crowded, not organized at all...it's basically a crazy mess. I went immediately to the back of the store to the electronics section, took me 15 minutes to find someone to get the controller out of the locked case for me. That was all I needed on this trip so I had to pay for it in the electronics section. They were pretty busy at the time so I didn't really mind waiting since I didn't have anything better to do anyway. I was waiting behind a lady and I noticed she was holding a bunch of random stuff like a fish tank filter, dog food, chips, a scrubby brush for the shower, and a t-shirt. There was not a single thing that she had that was from the electronics section. That got me a little peeved off because there was a long line of us behind her who were buying from the electronics department and had to purchase our stuff here when she could easily go up to the front registers (this was mid day, the front registers were not busy at all). So I stood there keeping my cool and then I noticed that this woman was tripping balls. She was all over the place, rocking back and forth on her feet, dropping her stuff since she didn't have a basket. She even looked at her scrubby brush, threw it in an abandoned cart like she didn't want it...then a few minutes later picked it up again and scratched her leg with it, then threw it back in the cart. I was in utter awe of this woman and what she was doing and I just wish I knew what was going through her mind.
 Besides the questionable people Walmart tends to attract periodically, they also have rude solicitors outside 24/7. Most often it's people trying to get money for the homeless. That's fine and dandy I always support charity, but when I politely decline because I DO NOT CARRY CASH, I'm not doing it to be an insensitive bitch. I'm doing it because I can't throw a debit card in a bucket as a donation. I never carry cash anymore and I don't appreciate people breathing down my neck and being rude while trying to get donations. It bothers me. Sometimes I just want to walk into a store and not be begged for money. 
Have any of you had weird/annoying experiences at Walmart? Or any other store?
With all that said I leave you with this video of a woman tripping off meth in Walmart. Enjoy. 

Bloody Marys Count as a Salad

Friday, October 11, 2013

Give An Alligator It's Wiiiings

See the girl above? That's Bunny Meyer. She has her own Youtube channel under the name Grav3yardgirl which can be found HERE. She is my latest addiction. I found her channel a couple weeks ago and I tell you this girl knows how to keep people hooked. She is funny, smart, has great style, and awesome beauty tips. Watching her has actually inspired me to experiment more with makeup which I never wore before. She has a couple one liners that she likes to say and they stuck with me and I walk around saying them all the time and I drive the Husband nuts but I don't care! I say "Sippy Sippy" every time I take a drink, I call everything stringy "worms," and I say "Sassy" about everything that seems someone fancy. 
I've even found myself changing up my voice like she does too and making funny faces like this:
 You have to check her out and see what she brings to the world. You will not be disappointed. She is also a Doctor Who fan which is instant points for me!
She has a great variety of vlogs as well. Topics include (complete with links to my favorite ones)...
Most of all I love her because she is a genuinely caring person and she always encourages her followers to be themselves. I think that is important! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Health and Fitness

I've never been one to blog about anything health or fitness related. Mostly because I never used to eat healthy or work out to be perfectly honest. Lately, I have been really unhappy with my body and that has been affecting my relationship with my husband in a few ways. He has some insecurities with his own body too and really he and I just want to be healthier and tone up. So we have started a slow carb diet again. We were on it before about a month ago and I ended up losing 8 pounds and Jake lost about 5. We would have stayed on it but this diet is very drab and you don't get to eat a lot of good food. You basically overload on protein and cut out carbs. Our meals consist of some kind of meat, beans, and a veggie. Jake usually eats a lot of eggs but I hate eggs so that's not an option for me. No fruit, no bread, no dairy. The only thing that keeps us sane is Saturdays (you can pick any day) is cheat day. You can eat whatever you want and as much as you want. Even if you want to eat until you are sick. I know sounds weird but it works I have 8 pounds down proving so. We got this whole diet plan from the book The 4 Hour Body. It has a lot of helpful heath tips in there. Diet, exercise, ways to improve sex drive, etc. I am hoping that we will be able to stick with the diet this time until we can reach our goals. 
We have also joined the YMCA and have been working out about 5 nights a week. We do 15-20 minutes of cardio at the beginning (bike, running, elliptical), then spend the rest of the time weight lifting. I have never weight lifted before and I have NO upper body strength whatsoever so at first it was really hard for me and I felt down on myself because I always had to use such a low weight. Jake helps me feel better about it and he always pushes me to try as much weight as I can and I am thankful for that. Last night we took our first yoga class and it was so much fun! We both really enjoyed it. It did open my eyes to the fact that I have to work on my balance though!  Yoga is hard. Most people think "Oh you just lay around and breath and relax." WRONG. It worked muscles I have never worked before and I am feeling it today. 
Overall, I am just happy to be doing something to better myself and I am happy that Jake is so supportive and willing to do it with me. I wouldn't be able to do it without his help and motivation. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Military Adventure

I feel like so many "Military Wives" only focus on the bad about having a SO serving. They work a lot, they deploy, etc. Those are all very hard things to deal with but I like to focus on the good. Today while I was at work I got to thinking about the place I currently live which is California. Today it's overcast, it's cold, and it's been on and off drizzling rain. This weather EXCITED me! I miss the rain and the thunderstorms that we used to get in MN. I miss hearing the rain hit the roof and run down the gutters. I miss thunder and lightening putting me to sleep. I miss running in the rain and jumping through puddles. California doesn't get this weather often. In fact this is the first time it has really rained since I got here five months ago. Most people wouldn't complain about the beautiful sunny weather here but I do.
 I miss home and I miss Minnesota. I tend to get stuck in this rut of missing things and I lose sight of just how beautiful it is to be here in CA. I would have never had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful state and all it has to offer if my Husband were not in the Military.
 The longer I think about it the more I realize that I really love this state. I would never have taken a vacation here or let alone lived here. I know a lot of people don't like Military Life because of all the moves, but I am excited about it! I have been able to see and experience some awesome things here that I never would have been able to do back home. I have met some great people and I have an amazing job because of moving here too! I never thought I would be able to handle living in a city of millions of people since I grew up in a town on 2,000 but I'm doing it. What's not fun about being able to move to a new place and experience new things every 3-5 years (or so). Life is one big adventure and the Military Lifestyle takes the credit for that!
I don't want this post to come across as me, a dependent, taking advantage of my Husband's work or the government or the "perks" we get. I hope this doesn't give off that vibe. I just wanted to share how I turn a negative into a positive and how traveling and living new places can be very exciting and beneficial! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Jake and I have recently sat down to discuss all of our finances and try to figure out a plan to pay off our debts and budget our spending. We found a really nifty template for excel that does all the math for us and all we had to do was fill in the blanks. Realistically we don't have many bills but we do have a loan out on the motorcycle, my student loan, and two credit cards we need to pay off.  We are going to make an effort to pay more monthly on the credit cards and his bike loan. We are also trying to figure out a monthly "other" expense limit or "fun money." This will be taken out in cash at the beginning of the month and this will be the only amount we have to spend on snacks, dates, etc. I'm also trying out couponing a little more to keep the cost of groceries down. Luckily for us, we are on a slow carb diet so all I have to buy each week is beef, chicken, and canned beans since that's all we are allowed to eat on this diet. 
Money troubles Meme | Slapcaption.com
Putting more money in savings is also a goal for us. I heard you are supposed to have three months of expenses covered in savings in case of an emergency so that is our goal. We each have automatic transfers going into savings for all our paychecks and we should have a good savings built up quickly. 
All while trying to save money and budget better we have had a few road blocks come up. Jake's car has taken a crap and will not start. We aren't sure if it's the battery or the starter or something completely unrelated and we don't have the money or means to get it into the shop right now. We've mostly put it off because my car still works great (even though it's in desperate need of new front brakes), and Jake has his motorcycle..for now. This morning on his way to work the side panel on his bike that covers the filter, chain, tool box, and gas line fell off and broke and he has also been having troubles with his battery randomly dying on him while he is riding. So we have to focus on getting his bike fixed now too. Not to mention we have the Marine Corps ball coming up and tickets aren't cheap, we got a hotel for that night, I still need to get a dress, we have Halloween costumes to plan and make, a cover charge to pay for the place we are going on Halloween, and Jake is going to Vegas at the end of the month with family and will be spending large amounts of money there too I suppose. It's true that sometimes everything bad happens at the same time. I just can't wait until we get all this sorted out so we can get to budgeting and saving for real and get our debts lowered!
MEME - MONEY Y U NO GROW ON TREES www.cashadvance.com
I am however blessed that my Husband and I do not live paycheck to paycheck. We are not so broke that we can't afford food or gas or date nights. We don't freak out if pay day is a day or two late. We live comfortably and the decisions we make every day is the reason for that. I always tell my husband that he is lucky to have married a women who hates shopping and wasting money. I'm not a girl who sees clothes or makeup or anything and thinks "I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW" and throws the credit card around for things I don't need. I am the complete opposite and I love myself for that and Jake does too. 
Had to go shopping i hate shopping - First world Problems II | Meme Generator

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dating Link-Up

Welcome to Create Your Own Adventure, our new dating link-up! Each month, your co-hosts and I will be posting a dating idea or theme. All you need to do is go on a date based on that theme during that month, stay at or below our suggested budget, and post a recap during the last week of the month.

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The rules:

1. Follow your co-hosts.
2. Create a date with our theme and budget in mind.
3. Post your date write-up.
4. Grab a button and link up during the last week of each month!

October theme: Fall Festival

Get out there and tackle your fall bucket list. Football games, pumpkin patches, and haunted hayrides are just some of the great fall fun to be had.

Budget: $40

Please to try stay within our budget. We're looking for fun ways to go on dates that don't cost an arm and a leg (especially for those of us who have to pay for childcare). Please don't feel pressured to use the whole budget! Be sure to stop back at the end of the month to link up your date post! 

Friday, October 4, 2013


Working at an Animal Shelter is amazing and very rewarding. The only issue I have is that I WANT TO BRING HOME EVERY CUTE DOG AND PUPPY THAT I SEE! The shelter I work at always has the cutest dogs and puppies and we always have Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. I am in love with that breed. For those who have never had one or been around one in a home environment do not stereotype! Chihuahuas are the most loyal, protective, silly, entertaining, adorable, cuddly, love bugs of any dog I've known. I got my first Chihuahua six years ago when I was working at a Veterinary Clinic. A one year old underfed Chihuahua was impounded because she was walking around town alone in the dead of winter and tried getting into the local bar to warm up. We kept her for the state regulated 7 days, tried to find her owners but NO ONE even tried looking for her. During this time I got to know her and I fell in love. I ended up taking her home instead of sending her to the shelter and she was the best dog I have ever had. She never barked, she loved everyone and every other animal (especially cats). She is an amazing dog. We named her Leila and five years later she is still back home in MN living with my parents and siblings. 
About two years after getting Leila, I felt the need for another Chihuahua to keep her company (since our other dog Aida wanted nothing to do with her). So we got Penny off craigslist..I know it's really bad to buy from breeders...especially breeders who just have puppies because they neglect to fix their dogs due to money problems or because they just don't care. I will never buy from a breeder again! All my future dogs will be ADOPTED. But I got Penny and I am so glad I did because she is just a happy silly little girl. She is a lot different than Leila. Penny is more barky and VERY protective of me. She likes to chase around other dogs to assert her dominance and if a stranger walks into our house she makes them known they are not welcome...but I love her dearly. 
When my Husband and I first got together he was very anti small dogs especially Chihuahuas. But now...I think these pictures speak louder than words. Let's just say living with a small dog and really getting to know their personality changed his mind! 

Back to the topic at hand. I REALLY WANT A PUPPY! But I can't. Why? Because Military housing only allows two and I have already reached my limit. I miss having three dogs. I loved having three! I miss having two Chihuahuas. Penny is so lonely without her sister to cuddle. Here are a few puppies that I have fallen in love with at work. It's sad that I can't take them home and some of them have already found homes but breaks my heart knowing that I could have given them a great home too!


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