Friday, July 19, 2013

Trip Home

The day after I got back to MN we went to the hospital to visit my dad. Surprisingly, that morning his doctor also decided to discharge him. He was high on pain meds and a bit goofy but he got to come home and he was very excited about that! My dad is a very active person, always has to stay busy. So laying in a hospital for a week was driving him crazy. I was glad to see him go home. He looked miserable in there, as the photos below show. When he first got checked into the hospital I was so upset because they didn't know what was wrong with him and he was very sick. The thought of losing my dad scared the crap out of me, especially since I was 1,500 miles away from home. By the time I did fly in he was already doing better and he was no longer sick...just recovering from surgery but I flew home anyway and I'm glad I did. 
Once he got home he slept a lot so I didn't really spend a whole lot of time with him. He was also uncomfortable and as a result very crabby. So I took my siblings and went to the beach two days in a row to give him some quiet in the house to relax. 
While I was having fun with my siblings and mom, I was missing my hubby and fur babies so much. Hubby let me know that the dogs were acting strangely and missing me. Broke my heart! Then he went and sent me photos like this which made me miss home even more! 
Last night I went out with my best friend and some very interesting things happened! You are going to want to read about that adventure for it involved sitting in the back of a cop car giving a statement about something that happened to us. I'm going to save that for a post of its own...which I will probably write up tomorrow. Right now I'm sitting at the Minneapolis airport waiting for my flight to arrive. I have two more hours of waiting. This is my first time trying to type up a blog post on the blogger app on my phone so I hope it works! Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. SO so happy to read that your dad is doing so much better :D While I'm away from my husband with our pup, sending him pics always makes him miss us more ;) Safe travels!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad he's better as well. I love getting pictures of him and the dogs, but boy does it make you miss them so much more!

  2. So happy your dad is ok. The thought of losing a parent is absolutely devastating.

    And I NEED to hear about this cop car story!

    1. Thank you! The cop story is one to remember for sure!



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