Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Was Mugged

My best friend and I got together for the last night that I was home in MN. The night started off good. We went to our favorite restaurant, Old Chicago, had a couple beers, ate, reminisced. Then we headed out, got some hair dye, some beer, and returned to her apartment. Then I dyed her hair, she did mine, we laughed, had fun, then got ready to go out to the bars. We went out to our favorite bar which had dollar drinks if you bring a special mug that was previously purchased there. So we had a few more drinks, saw a few old friends, and hung out. One minor mishap there was that my friend got sick...and puked all over the table and floor inside the bar. She is a light weight and I always give her shit about it. So that was slightly embarrassing for the both of us and that was the sign that we needed to leave. At this point we are tipsy, but still able to do basic tasks such as walk the couple miles back to her the dark. The roads home are through neighborhoods and they are majorly used roads so we thought we would be ok. We thought we were being safe by not drinking and driving and we had walked around this town at night many times before with no issues. Well...that wasn't the case this time. 
About a half a mile away from her apartment a car pulled up behind us and out jumped three men. We guessed about 20-25 years old. They started following us. We linked arms and quickened our pace. The car then disappeared but we could still hear talking and giggling from three guys behind us. After about a block I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. Just as I was about to hit "call" one of the guys ran up to me on my left side and with a lot of force ripped my friends clutch right out of my hand that I was holding for her. It was at that moment that the car reappeared, the men jumped in and drove away. It all happened so fast that I couldn't get a good look at them, and I didn't get a good look at the car either. All I knew was that it was maroon and a beater. I dialed 911 immediately and within 10 seconds we had five cop cars coming our way. They stopped and took us in separate cars to give our statements.  They tape recorded what we said and tried to make us feel better about what happened. I was honest and told him that I had been drinking and I can't be 100% on the details of the car or the man that I saw. I stated that everything I said was to the best of my knowledge but it was dark and it happened too fast to gather any substantial information. What I did know was that the man that ripped the clutch from my hand was white with a white shirt and baseball cap on. I also told him what details I knew about the car, which wasn't much. After we gave our statements they gave us a ride back to her apartment but we were now locked out because her keys were in the clutch that was stolen.
 I was so happy and surprised with how professional and calming the police officer I talked to was. I was also surprised by how quickly they showed up after I had called. When the police officer asked for my address I had to tell him I was just visiting from California. He asked me if I was going to school there and I replied that my husband was in the Military and that I had moved to be with him. He asked what branch and I told him Marines. He then asked if he was stationed at "insert name of base" and I told him yes. Turns out the police officer was also a Marine and was also stationed at the exact same base! Small world if you ask me!!
Anyway, so inside the clutch was both our licenses, my friends bank card, her keys, and $20 cash. So theoretically they didn't get shit. We called the bank immediately and had her card cancelled. They didn't know where she lived because the address on her license was for her parents house so the keys are worthless to them. So all they made out with was $20. I was so glad that we didn't bring anything else with us! Once we got back we had to wonder how we were going to get into her apartment. She buzzed the manager but she didn't respond. She didn't have any numbers in her phone for the building manager or owner. This was the point where it hit me that we were just mugged and that we could have been injured or much worse. Up until this point I had remained calm while my friend was crying and calling a friend. That was when I started crying and I immediately called my husband to tell him what had happened. I felt bad because it was 3am MN time, and 1am CA time and he had to work the next day but I had no one else to call and no one else to calm me down and talk me through it. He did just that. Reminded me that the important thing was that we were ok and no one was hurt. Reminded me that all they got was two licenses, a cancelled card, and $20. Not a big deal at all. Not long after calling him someone came out for a smoke and let us in the building but we still couldn't get into her specific apartment. I hung up the phone with my husband and tried to figure out what to do next. We knocked on her managers door and got no response. We looked around for a phone number and I finally found one by the mail boxes. Luckily they had an emergency line so I got a hold of someone and they called her manager for us. Turned out her manager was at the hospital with a friend but she came back and let us in. After that we collapsed in bed and just lay there in shock of what happened. We went to bed quickly that's for sure. 
The next morning we went straight to the DMV, renewed our licenses, then I headed back to my parent's house to get some more sleep before my flight back to CA. Let's just say I definitely went out with a bang on my last night in MN. 


  1. Holy moly! What a story!!! So happy to hear you're ok!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so scary! So thankful that you and your friend are OK!!

  3. Oh my goodness. That is terrible and scary. Your husband is right. You are very fortunate to be ok and only missing $20!

  4. Oh no, I can imagine how scary that must have been, but thank goodness they didn't get away with much

    Domesticated Breakdown

  5. Wow! I'm so sorry you ladies had to go through that. Seriously that must have been scary! I'm so glad they didn't get much!

  6. That story is so crazy! I am glad you are ok and that the robbers ended up with nothing! Happy SITS day!



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