Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Love Languages Challenge

After reading so many great things about Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages I decided to read up on it. I am in the early chapters of the book right now, but it's already given me a lot of valuable insight on my marriage and how to improve it in little ways. So tonight I was browsing the website and decided to have my husband take the online quiz (HERE) to figure out what his Primary Love Language is. Turns out he had a 3 way tie with Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Physical Touch! Makes things a little easier because I now have three ways to make him feel loved instead of just one way! At the end of the quiz there was an ad for the 5 Love Languages Challenge App which I of course had to download. 
General Idea of the App
"Included in this app is the popular, Love Language Challenge, which creates a way for couples to love one another in the love language they speak through a 5-week challenge. Through this experience, participants are guided towards ways to share a more loving relationship by speaking your loved one's language. 
A 5 week challenge that helps you show love to your special someone by completing a weekly challenge. Each challenge will be tailored to your loved one's language and each week you will be reminded to complete your challenge."
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For the first set of challenges I chose the category "Physical Touch". Our week one challenge is "Clear out a spot on the floor and sit back-to-back with your husband and talk about anything. The feeling of support and strength from leaning on your husband, meshed with the lack of visual cues sitting dace-to-face provides, will provide whole new communication pathways."  

I think this will be a fun little weekly challenge we can do together to bring us closer and have a little fun! If anyone else wants to try something new and find a way to get closer to their significant other I strongly suggest you try this out! At least have your SO take the quiz to see what fills their "Love Tank" the best. What do you have to lose anyway? I would love to hear what your SO's language is!


  1. Thanks for the comment! You've got a new follower :)

    Musings of a Museum Fanatic

  2. I LOVE the Five Love Languages, and this challenge sounds like a lot of fun! I will look for it soon. :)


  3. i've been thinking about doing this challenge with my husband--look forward to seeing how it works out for you. :)

    b @ then there was we



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