Monday, June 17, 2013

Point Loma Tide Pools

In celebration of Father's day the Husband and I decided to get out of the house and go site seeing. Since we don't have kids (besides our fur-babies of course!) we wanted to do something together to pass the day! We decided to take an adventure to Cabrillo National Monument on the the western side of Point Loma and take a look at the Tide Pools. It was an amazing experience. We walked around searching for interesting things for over an hour. Ended up seeing a lot of plant life, fish, crabs, and hermit crabs. I was a little bummed we didn't get to see any starfish but maybe the next time we will see some! We also saw some California Sea Lions swimming around not far from shore. There was also a little history museum we went and toured as well as an old lighthouse! From the history museum we could look out and see the Naval Base as well as Coronado Beach which was where Jake proposed last year! Overall, we had a great day and learned a lot!

1 comment:

  1. These are very nice photos! I'll have to check out Point Loma Tide Pools soon :)



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