Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jane Wayne Day 2013

Yesterday I participated in Jane Wayne Day to get a taste of what it's like to be a Marine. We started out with shooting M4s at the Range. I ended up getting 2nd place out of the 40 of us! I was so shocked because I had never shot a gun before! As a prize I got a unit coin. 

Next, we went and had brunch at the Chow Hall. The food wasn't all that bad. Reminded me a lot of the food offered at college, but at college we had a much bigger selection. I settled on a salad and some fruit. It was pretty good!
Next, we went and saw a Fire Rescue Demo which was awesome to watch!

After that we went over to the Military K9 Training Facility and got to see the dogs in action. This was my second favorite part of the whole day aside from shooting the M4s. These dogs are so well trained and they told us a lot of interesting facts about their training and career as a working dog. 

We ended the day with the flight simulator. We got to operate an Osprey and fly it all around San Diego! It was so fun!

At first I was really nervous to participate in Jane Wayne Day because I wasn't sure what to expect and I had no one to go with so I was afraid of being alone. However, all the women were very nice and I latched onto a group and ended up having a really good day! I am very glad I decided to go through with it and I will for sure do it again in the future! 


  1. How fun! No doubt your husband is proud of you, marine wife!

  2. Jealous! I've never participated in a Jane Wayne Day. Partly because my husband's group has never done one. Glad you went outside your comfort zone, met some new friends, and enjoyed your day!

    Adventures of a Semper Fi Family

  3. Very cool! We've been using the local Marine base gym a lot recently and my guy keeps saying he wants to be a Marine instead of a submariner!

  4. OMG this looks like so much fun! You are awesome and so proud of you!!!

  5. How fun! Oh, and my husband is a K9 trainer so that's what he does :) And he's been a handler in the past before he made rank.

  6. That seems like so much fun! Glad you had a great day and the K9 demonstration would be my favorite part too :)

  7. I am so jealous that you got to participate in Jane Wayne day! It looks like you had a great time! We were supposed to have one at the end of TBS but due to cutbacks, it got cancelled. Hopefully one day I will get a chance!

  8. New follower! I love this post - I remember wanting to go to JWDay when my husband was at LeJeune. Shooting at the range, a PT course and a ride in an MRAP? Who wouldn't want to do that fun stuff! And congrats on the awesome shooting!!



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