Thursday, June 27, 2013

Duty Night =[

The husband has Barracks Babysitting Duty today. Which means I have spent all day and all night alone and for the first time since moving out here I have to sleep all alone too! I know, could be way worse. Many spouses have a deployed husband so I should quit my bitching. I can handle this one night apart but doesn't mean I have to like it!
So today was a boring one. Took a trip to Walmart just to get out of the house. Bought myself some sponges, muffin tins, random food items, a pair or shorts, and some snacks for Hubby's long boring night. I then returned home and made some Muffins, also for Hubby. It was really hot out today in Cali so I refrained from taking the dogs to the park. Normally I take them every day but not with the heat. It wouldn't have been safe for them to be running around outside even with a good supply of water. So instead we had a lazy cuddle day in the cool air conditioned house!
Oh almost forgot! On my way to Walmart, upon getting into my car I noticed that my car had been broken into! I'm not sure if I left it unlocked or they got in through the cracked windows but when I got in I noticed my glove box, and center counsel box open, papers all over the passenger seat and floor, and my tupperware full of change was gone! Except my GPS and other car cables were all still there which I didn't really understand! I would have taken the GPS not the tiny container of change! My guess is that it was some kids or teenagers trying to feel badass....maybe they didn't take the electronics because their parents would find out? I guess I'm not sure...but there has been about 6-7 other car break-ins throughout the neighborhood recently and it was partially my fault. The housing company warned us. I must have forgotten to lock it and I should have made sure the windows were closed. However, I consider myself lucky I don't keep anything of value in my car and my GPS was at least left (not that I ever use it anyway). 
With Hubby gone I was on my own for dinner and had no will to cook just for myself so I pigged out on McDonalds while the dogs sat and begged me for a taste. I couldn't resist so they got a treat tonight too. 
After dinner I watched some Netflix. I am currently hooked on Dr. 90210. A documentary series about Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons doing various operations on people! It's an old show that I used to watch on regular TV but decided to refresh my memory on it. Around 8:00PM I went to base to bring the Hubby some food and snacks. He and his duty-mate requested Jack in the Box so that's what I brought them! I better mention that this was the first time I had ever driven to, around, and off base by myself. I was quite proud that I figured out where I was going and made it there and back in one piece. Especially since I had to drive home in the dark on roads I am not familiar with. Right after getting on base I had to call the Husband to figure out where he was, so I held my phone down as low as possible, put him on speaker, but STILL managed to get pulled over by the Military Police. God damn it! Luck was on my side because he let me go without a ticket!!! I was shocked. From what I hear, the Military Police are really strict and take their jobs a little too seriously. He told me the only reason he was letting me go was because he had another call he had to get to immediately. So lesson learned. I will not touch my phone while driving on base ever again! After that little scare I made it to the Barracks that Hubbs was working at. I met a few of his friends, delivered his food, drinks, and toothbrush, chatted for a bit then I was off again. Aren't I such a great wife?

Now I'm back at home, watching some more Dr. 90210, bored out of my mind!!! I miss having that goofy Husband to harass and tickle and make fun of and wrestle and talk to! Now all I have to look forward to is going to bed alone with the puppies tonight. 

Life in a Break Down


  1. My boyfriend has "barracks babysitting duty" tonight. Since it's only once a month, I don't mind too much because then I get to do my girly things like go shopping, paint my nails, and watch Sex and the City :p

    1. Good points! Except my husband usually does those girly things with me. He painted my toes nails the other day and watched part of Sex and the City The Movie with me too a couple weeks ago! Haha. It will probably become a nice night alone once we've been together longer, but the whole being together every day is still pretty new to me!

  2. Stopping by from the I Love My Blog Post hop :) I don't live with my SO - he's in Hawaii and I'm in NYC - but I do hate duty nights when we're together. I find myself doing the most trivial things lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did because now I am excited to be following you! Ahh duty... yes I remember those days. Are you guys at Pendleton? I've heard that is a huge base. My husband was at Camp Lejeune and it seemed huge to me at first, but I know Pendleton is bigger. And yes, I also heard the same about military police and I never dared to touch my phone while I was on base, or even drive a mile over the speed limit!! lol

  4. I'm sorry that your car got broken into. Even if they didn't take much it's still so frustrating to have other people go through your belongings. Hope today is a great day for you.

    Heidi’s Wanderings



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