Monday, June 3, 2013


All in all, life in San Diego is going good. Coming from a small town of 2,000 people in rural MN makes this place seem like a whole different world. I like it though. I love the weather and I love all the things to do here! I am homesick though. I miss my friends and I miss my family. I'm trying my best to make this place feel like home and to make an effort to adjust. So far the only big issue I have with this city is my fear of driving. The people here scare me. The way they drive is unlike anything I am used to. Every road here is 2+ lanes and to get most places you need to take some sort of freeway system. I am used to non crowded one lane on each side country driving. I am confident my my driving abilities for I have always been a great driver. I just don't trust other people and it's the other people's carelessness that could get me killed, not my own. So I've been starting with baby steps. So far I have made the drive from our old apartment to our house, and I have made two trips to the grocery store. I know those who are used to city driving probably think I'm crazy but it's kind of a big deal for me!
I have been searching for jobs for the past two weeks. I had one interview but was never called back for the second interview. I'm sort of glad that I wasn't. I know money is money and I want to help contribute to the finances and I want to have some money for myself to be a little independent but that job was what I was doing back in MN-working at a group home and the hours were nights and every weekend. Ideally I want a job working mornings and not weekends so I can spend time with my husband. After all, that is why I picked up my life to come down here. So I can spend more time with my husband after being apart for so long. So my resume is out floating around. Hoping to find something soon. 
After 22 days of leave the hubs went back to work today. I already miss him. I enjoyed spending every day with him. During the past two weeks we took the dogs to the dog friendly beach, we went to the zoo, went for walks, visited with his friends, went on a double date to a drive-in movie theater, got to know some of our new neighbors, got my my dependent ID, got enrolled in DEERS, and got my temporary base decal for my truck. In order for me to get my permanent one I have to get my truck smog checked. Silly CA laws! Mostly, I've just been enjoying being with my man and being a good wife to him!


  1. You'll grow to love Southern California! I'm from a close knit town in Texas, and I joined the Marine Corps and ended up in San Diego, then at Camp Pendleton, then lastly, in Orange County for recruiting duty. I fell in love with Cali! I love their food, weather, sights, attractions...ahh! I miss it!

    1. So far I love it! I hope it continues to grow on me. Everyone I talk to says they love it here too!

  2. I live near San Diego. I love California :)

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying California so far :) I would love it if we got transferred to San Diego!



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