Sunday, May 19, 2013


After three very long days of non stop driving from MN to CA my husband, two dogs and I have finally made it to California! The trip could have been worse. The dogs were slight pain in the behinds being cramped in the car for so long and my husband and I got pains in our behinds from sitting for such long hours but we didn't have any major issues. My car made it here in one piece and we are all alive! This afternoon we made it and now we can focus on relaxing until we get to move into our house on Saturday! For now we are staying at the hubb's apartment which is nice so no complaints! Here are some snapshots from our trip!

And the kids adjusting to their new home and my hubby cooking me dinner for our first night here together!!


  1. What part of California did you move to?? I live in San Jose!

  2. hahaha okay, I go too excited and asked to quickly! I see that you live in San Diego! Love that area!

  3. I hope moving into the house went well, that is so exciting! Your kids are too cute! ;)

  4. So exciting! I'm seriously swooning over your kitchen. Nice to finally be a little settled!



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