Friday, May 31, 2013


Last weekend we packed up the apartment and moved into our new house! It is beyond exciting to have moved into our first home together. There is a lot more space here at the house and we actually have a yard which is nice for entertaining guests and for the dogs to run around in! We only have one bathroom compared to the two we had at the apartment and the bedrooms in the house are quite a bit smaller but you have to sacrifice some things! I love our house and I am so excited to make it into a home! We decorated as much as we could but in time we will be able to accumulate enough to cover all the white walls we have! I plan to do more blogging now that we are all settled. We have been without internet for about a week and finally got it installed in the house. I'm glad because I am in desperate need of a job and I've been applying like a crazy person. Hopefully I will be able to find something soon! Here are some photos of the house! 

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  1. Enjoy your new place! I hate the process of moving, but it's always nice when you're finally settled in :-)



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