Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spoiled (iPhone 5)

My husband spoils me...just a little bit. I knew he was getting me an iPhone but he told me he could only get me the 16GB iPhone 4s because it was the cheapest. At first I felt a little greedy and wanted the 32 GB 4s, mostly because I have a lot of music and pictures and I wanted to make sure I could fit everything. But then I felt guilty and agreed on anything since anything would be better than the crappy Android I was borrowing from my brother. So Friday after work I came home to a package at the door and I was so excited. I ripped it open and this is what I found. 

My husband tricked me!! He got me the 32GB iPhone 5. I would have been perfectly happy with the 4s and I told him that. I do however have to admit that I LOVE my phone. Love everything about it and I am so happy that I finally have an iPhone. I can play my zombie game on the go now and not only where there is Wifi (have an ipad already and ipod touch already). Here is a screenshot of my top apps! 

Top 10 Apps (so far)
1. Please Stay Calm
A zombie survival game. Beyond addicting.
2. Jurassic Park
Have your own dinosaur park. I'm a dinosaur nerd. :)
3. Candy Crush
Just the most addicting/frustrating game in the world
4. Kindle
LOVE having my books always handy.
5. SongPop
Compete with your friends on who knows the most songs!
6. Dead Yourself
Walking Dead app where you can edit your photo and make yourself (or friends) into a zombie!
7. Snapchat
Send a random photo to a friend for a limited amount of time, then it deletes forever. The more awkward the photo, the better! 
8. PicStitch
Turn photos into a collage!
9. Pinterest
Nothing else needs to be said. If you don't know what Pinterest is about, you are behind in the times. 
10. Family Feud
Never gets old! 

Other ones I enjoy are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Can't live without those!

What are your favorite apps??


  1. awee, such a sweet gesture from your hubby. love all the apps you sure, will definitely be checking out a few haha.

    new follower via the blog hop :)

  2. What a great gift! Your husband spoils you, girl!

  3. would have been perfectly happy with the 4s and I told him that.



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