Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If You Really Knew Me...

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Without Further Ado

If You Really Knew Me....
You would know that I am an overachiever. I would rather do my homework than go out and party. I would rather do more than I am required to do at work than sit and be lazy and bored. 

You would know that I always put others before myself. Everyone's happiness always comes before my own. I even try to please people who treat me like crap. 

You would know that I treat my dogs like my kids and spoil the crap out of them. I cuddle them, kiss them, buy them treats and toys, play with them, and talk to them. Some see it as creepy and others can relate. Dogs are family to me and it will always be that way.  

You would know that I hate cleaning. Unless it's at work or a friend's place. I hate picking up after my siblings when I feel they are old enough to do it themselves. Therefore, I never help out around the house here. Having my own house will be a different story. 

You would know that when I have alcohol in me I am a completely different person. Sober, I am timid and shy. Intoxicated, I never shut up, I laugh at everything, and I get...well...very frisky. 

You would know that I am a huge nerd. I love to read. I love videogames of all kinds. I've had the urge lately to play Zelda on my 3DS but I was stupid and already packed it. I also really want to play Spyro but I don't own a Spyro game! I love any game that has to do with zombies. I love board games and play them a lot with my siblings. I'm a nerd and I'm not ashamed of it. 

You'd know that no topic of conversation is off limits to me. I will talk about sex, poop, my monthly cycle, derogatory slang, etc. in extreme detail without any sugar coating. My little brother and sister know things they should not know about for many many years because of me. My parents aren't too happy about that. 

You would know that I am so excited to get out of MN and start a new adventure with my husband in CA and wherever else our lives take us in the future! 

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