Friday, April 26, 2013

Dancing Like I'm 22

Taylor Swift tells me that everything will be alright as long as I keep on dancing like I am 22. Today I can finally say that I am and I guess I can now start dancing in celebration. However, today just feels like another day. There is nothing special about being 22. I feel like I just turned 32. I'm sitting at school about to take a 30pt quiz and work on some homework assignments. I worked this morning from 8AM-2PM and I'm a bit sad because this was my last day of work as well. I wish my husband was around to sing me happy birthday and eat cake with me. Tonight I will be going out with my best friend. Just to the bars to get my free birthday shots, then we will be heading back to her place to have a chill, relaxing night drinking there and watching scary movies. For dinner we will be going to Old Chicago for beer and pizza. Because I am a Beer Tour Member I get a free medium pizza  anytime during my birth month. I can't pass up free pizza! It should be a good night.
I went over to my in laws last night and had dinner and they gave me a gift. It's a Zombie Apocalypse survival kit to keep in my car just in case there is ever an outbreak (or some other kind of emergency). I freaking love it! I forgot to take pictures of it but I will do that as soon as possible and post it here. I think everyone should have their own mini Zombie Apocalypse kit! I also got some scratch offs from their family friends and I ended up winning $13 which is awesome! I love scratch offs. I get enjoyment out of scratching them even if I don't win any money!
I won't be celebrating my birthday with my family until tomorrow night, so I hope not to be too hung over tomorrow. My mom got my favorite cake for me which is Reese's Cup Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen. Oh gosh it is amazing. I don't like regular cake so an ice cream cake is a tradition for my birthday. This will be the last birthday I spend with my family for quite a long time. While this makes me really sad I know I shouldn't dwell on it because I will be back in MN again someday. I won't be gone forever and next year I will hopefully have my husband on my brithday if his schooling for his LAT move doesn't coinside with it.
I'll post an update on how my night goes and on any other gifts I get. I know I still have to open the gift my husband mailed to me!  I hope everyone is doing well!!!


  1. Happy Birthday :) And a zombie apocalypse survival kit? AWEsome!! :D Hope you have a good one :) New GFC follower :) Would love it if you checked out and followed my blog too :)


  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one.



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