Sunday, March 10, 2013


Excuse my absence for the past two weeks! I had A LOT going on! On Monday the 25th of February, my husband came back to MN on leave after returning from his 6 month deployment just a week before. We got married on March 1st, had a small ceremony at the courthouse followed by a reception at his parent's house for close family and friends. There were certain events that occurred at the reception that I would have preferred didn't happen but what's done is done. All I can say is I am glad that it is over with and I am glad that I can finally call Jake my husband. 

The weekend after our wedding we got a hotel room for a "mini honeymoon." My parents surprised us with a room upgrade, a large room with a fireplace and a huge Jacuzzi tub! So Saturday night we lit some candles, brought out the alcohol, and got naked. It was a fun night!

Earlier that day we took my little sister to see a play rendition of Charlotte's Web at the Paramount Theater. It was pretty good and very very cute! I was itching to see a play and I was happy with it! Following that we all went out to Olive Garden for dinner. 

On Sunday, I smoked Jake at bowling and we went to see the movie "Jack the Giant Killer." It was a nice relaxing day. No complaints. On Monday we headed back to his parents house. On Tuesday we went and got a couples massage as well as pedicures. It was beyond amazing and relaxing to have all that done with my husband by my side. 

On Thursday Jake came with me to get my fourth tattoo done. He held my hand when the painful parts were being done, and had a very interesting conversation with the tattoo artist about guns, politics, and computer stuff. My tattoo is leopard print on my left shoulder. To me, it is a reminder that I am strong enough, brave enough, and beautiful in my own way. Just like a leopard. 

I spent a lot of time getting to know his family better and spending time with Jake for the remainder of the week. He left this morning, I dropped him off at the airport around 3:00AM and he made it safely back to CA. This is the last picture we took together. 

There was an incident that occurred a few hours before he left, which made our goodbye extremely unpleasant. We've talked about what happened and we are trying to work things out. I hope we will be able to move on from this dilemma and develop trust again. These past two weeks have been the best time we've had together and I can't remember a time I was more happy. If everything goes as planned, I will be moving out to California in 2 months so we can start a real life together. I cannot wait for that part of our lives to begin. 

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