Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deployment Journal

During Jake's Deployment I started a journal to help deal will all the crap I was going through. It was a way for me to deal with my stress, loneliness, frustrations, and anger. But it was also a way to document what was going on here while he was over there since we didn't get to talk much about the day to day things. The journal isn't all negative, I also included my accomplishments  excitements, and over all positive changes in my life. I started this journal as soon as he left me in MN and wrote in it EVERY single day he was gone. Totaling 202 days. I went through 3 notebooks. I don't know the exact page count. Estimated around 175 pages, but I wrote back to about 350 pages of fine reading material. All that's left to do is give it to him after he comes back to MN and before he leaves again mid March for Cali (without me :[ ) A also attached a picture for each day. Some are pictures of me, some are pictures of what I did the day of, and some are just super random photos! I hope he enjoys reading it!
Could have made the cover prettier...but I lost motivation! haha

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