Thursday, February 21, 2013

Deployment Journal

During Jake's Deployment I started a journal to help deal will all the crap I was going through. It was a way for me to deal with my stress, loneliness, frustrations, and anger. But it was also a way to document what was going on here while he was over there since we didn't get to talk much about the day to day things. The journal isn't all negative, I also included my accomplishments  excitements, and over all positive changes in my life. I started this journal as soon as he left me in MN and wrote in it EVERY single day he was gone. Totaling 202 days. I went through 3 notebooks. I don't know the exact page count. Estimated around 175 pages, but I wrote back to about 350 pages of fine reading material. All that's left to do is give it to him after he comes back to MN and before he leaves again mid March for Cali (without me :[ ) A also attached a picture for each day. Some are pictures of me, some are pictures of what I did the day of, and some are just super random photos! I hope he enjoys reading it!
Could have made the cover prettier...but I lost motivation! haha

Monday, February 18, 2013

Goodbye Deployment!

Jake is OFFICIALLY back from his Deployment!!!!! 

I got the best possible phone call this morning at 5AM when Jake called to tell me he landed on U.S. Soil again. I would have been more excited had I not been awaken from a dead sleep, but it was soooo good to hear his voice and it was so good to know that he was safe! I'm thankful that I heard my phone vibrating on the nightstand, because I had forgotten to turn the ringer on before bed. I answered, still half asleep, and he was all chipper and sounded wide awake and I'm thinking "What is your problem? It's soooo eaaaarly!!!" Not to mention he had been traveling for hours and hours! I guess he was just pumped about being back! Because I was awake and talking, my three dogs who sleep with me to keep me company, all thought it was time to get up and go outside and have breakfast. My most annoying one started barking and jumping around while the two Chihuahuas attacked my face in kisses and I couldn't hear a thing Jake was saying to me so I got royally pissed at them and yelled. Later, I come to find out I woke up my mom and grandma because of their noise and my yelling. Whoops. Oh well. Eventually I got them to shut up long enough to hear Jake and tell him I loved him. 
I am so happy that he is home, it just royally sucks that I have to wait a WHOLE WEEK before I can see him! WAHHH. It's not fair. I've waited long enough damn it! But he has things to get done and I guess I can wait another week. If I have to  ;) . I wish I could have been there when he got back. I wish I didn't have so much going on back home to prevent me from doing so. I couldn't afford to miss work, my internship, and my class. I hope he knows that I would have given anything to be there to welcome him home with a corny sign if I had the resources to do so. But only 7 more days and in 11 days he's becoming my hubby and I couldn't be happier about that. This is going to be the longest, hardest, more frustrating week ever! I can't wait to be back in his arms. =]

Check out Trials and Triumphs of Loving My Sailor because yours truly is featured on her blog today! Just sharing our love story to the world! No big deal! Check it out!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been something I really cared about or made a big deal out of. I don't feel like there is a certain day of the year that people need to celebrate love and shower one another in gifts. We need to celebrate love each and every day. It's the little acts of kindness we do for the ones we love each day that really matters. I believe there is some religious affiliation with this day but because I am not religious, that does not matter to me or make this day any more important than any other. 
For those who know me, they will all agree that I don't have a single romantic bone in my body. I'm not all lovey dovey, I'm not a "OMG AWW I LOVES YOU POOKIE BEAR" kind of person. In fact, I am constantly teasing Jake for being the romantic one because I am just not comfortable doing romantic things. This might also be a reason why I dislike Valentine's Day. I also believe that this holiday is just a way for corporations and businesses to make money and jack up prices on things to take advantage of people. I'm not ok with that. 
My Fiance' is not around this Valentine's Day and I asked him not to get me anything or do anything. In fact, because he comes home soon, I told him his presence again is a good enough gift to celebrate this day of "love" (even though this gift will be a couple weeks late). But do you think he listened to me? No of course not. He's too sweet for that. Stinker. So yesterday I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They could not have come at a better time, because yesterday was NOT a good day for me. My car broke down, I was running on no sleep, and over all just feeling really down and crappy. Coming home to a gift from my love was amazing. Even from the other side of the world he can make me happy and bring a smile to my face. The note attached made me laugh. He is so silly and he tried his best to not make it Valentine related but I know deep inside that's what these were for! Also, I am CONSTANTLY teasing him for his horrible grammar, spelling, and overall bad sentence structure so the fact that he made a typo on the card was priceless and literally made my day because it is so HIM. 

Then today, I received yet another gift in the mail from him. I wasn't expecting anything let alone two!! He got me some DELICIOUS chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries. It was absolutely perfect. Last week sometime I was e-mailing him about how much I was craving chocolate covered strawberries and about how, because it isn't strawberry season, the selection at the stores here sucked and I couldn't make my own. So he remembered that and sent me some and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed them. The best chocolate covered strawberries I have ever had. Take note of his ever to romantic card...hehe.

Thank you for the gifts babe. I appreciate everything you do for me and I am grateful to have such an amazing man in my life. I'm beyond lucky and spoiled. =]

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hey Girl, Link Up!

Today, I am linking up with Two Twenty One for her Valentine's Day Hey Girl Link Party. I am a big fan of all the Memes floating around the internet and the Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" Memes are quite entertaining! So for this link up we are to make our own. We can use pictures of people we know, or pictures of random celebrities. So of course I'm going to use Jake as the base of my memes because it's funnier that way! I hope he doesn't get too mad at me for this, love you babe! ;] Without Further ado...

Friday, February 1, 2013


I am BEYOND excited for this month. So much is going on and I have so much to look forward to. 
First, next week I am starting the Biggest Loser Challenge that my work offers to it's staff. Registration is $10 and it is a ten week competition between everyone who enters on who can lose the most weight and who has the greatest percentage of weight loss. Each week I will go into the company office and officially weight in with the nurse. A record will be kept so I can track my progress. The winner will win money. I am so excited! I honestly don't care about winning, I just think this is the push and motivation I need to start seeing results on the scale. I want to be healthy again! Wish me luck! I will try to keep everyone updated on my progress here!

In addition, I'm getting my hair did next week. Highlights and lowlights. My hair is just so "blah." My natural hair color is a medium brown, no natural highlights at all, and I really think having extra color in my hair makes me look better and more professional. Not to mention I need to have pretty hair for my wedding (which is fast approaching). So this is what I plan on doing:

Next, My daddio turns 51 on the 10th of this month. Yeah he's OLD. No, just kidding not really. I have no idea what I am going to get him. Probably just a gift card like I get him every year. It's just kind of weird to think that this will be the last birthday I celebrate with him for a long time. Not that we ever do anything special, mostly we just go out for a family dinner, but it's still strange to think I won't be doing things like that with my family anymore after graduation. Won't stop me from calling them and sending them cards every year though!

Also, let's not forget the fact that The Walking Dead also returns this month for Part 2 of Season 3. So excited to see what the rest of the season has in store. I am obsessed with this show. Even though they did kill off my favorite character!

In addition, I will be featured on not one but TWO blogs this month! First I will be  a part of Follower Feature Friday on February 15th over at Love on the Homefront sharing a short Bio about Jake and I.  I will also be on Trials and Triumphs of Loving My Sailor sharing my military love story on February 18th. Super excited for this! Check out their blogs!

Next, my friend and I are going out next weekend to have one last hurrah as a single woman. I will be getting wasted and act like a fool in downtown St. Cloud. I am so excited. These past couple months has really shown me who my true friends are and the friend I am going out with has been such an amazing help with all my wedding planning. She truly cares about my marriage to Jake and has done everything possible to help me out, when other friends don't give two shits about it. I am grateful to have her as a friend! I'm ready to rip up the dance floor next weekend! =]

Also, my mom and I are going to go see "Warm Bodies" on Valentine's Day since I will be lonely and my dad doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and won't want to do anything with my mom. This movie looks so good to me and cute. Not your typical zombie movie, but a zombie movie all the same which instantly attracts me to it! 

Most importantly, the LOVE OF MY LIFE comes back to me!!! I know I talk about this a lot, but I don't think anyone could ever truly understand just how happy this makes me. I am beyond stoked. I cannot wait to be back in his arms, to be able to talk to him, love him, cuddle him, watch movies with him, MARRY HIM, kiss him, tickle him, make fun of him, hold his hand, go on a date with him...all the things so many couples take for granite. I miss him so much. Everything about him. I am so unbelievably blessed to have such an amazing man to call mine. <3


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